In his oath of office, President Obama promised to uphold and protect the United States Constitution!  He has not done that; and we believe it is by design!

Our United States Constitution sets the agenda for the federal government, not Congress and not the President of the United States.  Yet, this is the most ANTI-Constitution Commander-in-chief this nation has ever experienced!

Here is the bottom line:  When a country’s top elected official no longer stands by the will of the people (or U.S. Constitution, for that matter!), he becomes an oppressor dictator.

We will give numerous examples of this authoritarian.  But for starters, some Congressmen believe that President Obama released HUNDREDS of detained illegals to impose punishment for him not getting his way on sequestration!  This needs an immediate Congressional investigation.  Your fax will make a difference!


Why would the President release “low-risk” illegals, some criminals, consciously as a knee-jerk reaction to this budget tightening?  Impossible, you say?

According to U.S. Representative Paul Gosar (R-AZ), he explains: “This just shows the pattern of do-and-deny that this administration does over and over again.  We saw it in ‘Fast and Furious.’  We also saw it in the horrific acts of Benghazi.  So here’s number three.  Three’s a charm.  We need to wake up and understand how this administration rolls.”

Gosar goes on to report: “This was to create hysteria in which to get the public behind their mantra of increasing taxes and doing it the president’s way in sequester.  This shows the lack of leadership by this president and this administration for accountability and responsibility.  When you look at our core functions, as a federal government is security and protection.  Boy, I certainly hope that none of these people that are released create a crime that cost a citizen both injury to themselves, their life or their property.”

“This is absolutely horrific.  It’s like taking a page out of Fidel Castro’s playbook, dumping people out on the streets egregiously.”

It was the WILL OF THE PEOPLE that wanted our borders secure!  Yet this administration has not taken any action.  When Arizona Governor Jan Brewer passed laws to protect citizens in her state (the will of the people), President Obama challenged them in court!

Congressman Gosar is a member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, where he urges the panel to investigate this thoroughly.

That is why your fax to every Congressman is important right now!


Gosar defends his accusations and promise to investigate by declaring, “This is part of our job, part of our detail.  And I’m sure that the administration, like they did in ‘Fast and Furious,’ in Benghazi as well as other things likes Solyndra.  They will show us contempt by not giving us the proper details and information that we should have access and proper access to!”

The Preamble to the United States Constitution begins: “WE THE PEOPLE…” According to President Obama, it is “his way or the highway!” 

Let’s briefly look at other attempts by this administration to look past the will of the people:

OBAMACARE.  In 2009, over 70% of the American people did NOT want Obamacare to become law.  Using Chicago-style, back room, strong-arm politics, the Obama administration forced this horrendous piece of legislation against our will.  NOW, we are beginning to see just how outrageous the costs to Americans’ pocketbooks really are!  Yet, this administration did not pay attention to the will of the people!

RIGHT TO PROTECT FAMILIES WITH GUNS.  The Second Amendment is extremely clear.  It gives everyday citizens a right to keep and bear arms, not only to protect one’s family and property, but also to stand against a tyrannical government.  We all know that this administration’s agenda is to take away our guns.  In spite of the various mass shootings that are terrible, most Americans want to keep their Second Amendment rights.  BUT, that’s another “WILL OF THE PEOPLE” that President Obama wants to see taken away!

NOW we see that if President Obama cannot get his way (like in sequestration!), he is actually “punishing” the American people---by releasing hundreds of criminals and illegals “due to sequestration” by putting fear into the hearts of Americans to urge them to see his way.

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The Obama administration agenda is on a steamroller effect to go against the will of the American people!  That, in reality, has the beginnings of a dictatorship!  NO President has the right to “re-write” the United States Constitution especially to go against the will of the people!

Like we do here at, we must press on to defeat a tyrant – on all fronts:  Obamacare…same-sex marriage…gun control…sealing our borders…TO PROTECT OUR U.S. CONSTITUTION!

Most importantly, to protect THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE!

  Fax Congress NOW!


Tony Adkins