Fellow Conservative,

Oh. My. Goodness.

The numbers are in. The Inspector General for the Department of Veterans Affairs just released a report showing 200 Veterans died last year while waiting to see a doctor… in just one VA hospital.

This statistic comes from the Phoenix VA hospital, which is essentially ground zero for the entire scandal.

We were told that the problems were fixed. We were told that Obama’s new VA Secretary was on the job and making sure Veterans weren’t being killed by incompetent bureaucrats.

They failed and they’ve been trying desperately to cover it up.

For months we have called on Congress to pass VA reform bills. When we learned that deceased Veterans were being left to rot in the VA morgues without being given a proper burial, we bombarded Congress with faxes demanding they pass the Respectful Interment for Passing Veterans Act. We actually got a lot of responses from Congressmen promising to make this bill a priority.

But there is no legislative fix for incompetent leadership. You can’t pass legislation to force bureaucrats to care… 200 Veterans died because of waiting lists in ONE hospital and not a peep from the Obama administration.

It is time to clean house, starting from the top.

Vets are dying and the White House doesn’t care! Time to act! FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND that they impeach VA Secretary Robert McDonald for allowing vets to die!

Secretary McDonald showed a lot of promise. He brought real private sector experience to the job and took over specifically to cut through the red tape. He promised to put an end to this.

Do you remember why the VA scandal started to begin with? VA Bureaucrats received bonuses if they eliminated backlogs. So, they falsified the records to make the hospital appear to be servicing the needs of the Veterans. They collected their bonuses while keeping secret waiting lists that the Department didn’t know about.

A month after McDonald took over at the VA, he released a report and declared that the original IG report "was unable to conclusively assert that the absence of timely quality care caused the deaths of these veterans.” Yes, that’s how stupid this all is. He claimed that sick Vets being unable to see a doctor for months on end did not contribute to their deaths.

That is what McDonald said about the 2014 report showing that 40 Veterans died. What do you think his excuse will be for 200+ Veterans dying on waiting lists?

Well, we’re not going to give him another chance to whitewash the death of these American Veterans.

Every time news comes out that Veterans are dying because of bureaucratic incompetence, Secretary McDonald tries to explain it away. He took the job to end the corruption but the only thing he’s been doing is making excuses for it.

Our country deserves better. Our veterans deserve better.

And you have the chance right now to give it to them!

Our veterans deserve a whole lot better than what they’re getting. Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they impeach Obama’s useless VA Secretary!

Enough is enough,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily