Fellow Conservative,

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley just gave her first press conference from the United Nations and announced that she would be taking note of everything that should be cut. She promised to "take names."

Word is that Donald Trump, in the coming days, will sign an executive memorandum expressing his desire to defund much of the United Nations. Some outlets are speculating that he will express willingness to cut funding to other international organizations, like the International Criminal Court. The main takeaway is that he's been in office one week and already working on defunding the UN.

But he can’t do that on his own. He needs Congress’ help.

Pres. Trump has announced that he is willing to sign legislation to defund the United Nations. The Conservative and RINO wings of the GOP are uniting around this issue and even some Democrats are eager with withhold funding after the stunt Obama pulled before leaving office.

The conditions are perfect. All that is missing is for YOU to demand it!

No more delaying. Send your FaxBlast to Congress and bombard them with demands to pass the Cruz-Graham bill to defund the United Nations!

It takes a lot to get Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham on the same side of an issue.

As you remember, Lindsey Graham infamously said during the Presidential campaign that if someone murdered Ted Cruz and the trial was held in the Senate, there wouldn’t be a conviction. Yes, Graham joked about murdering his colleague.

Now, they are standing shoulder to shoulder in order to withhold funding from the United Nations.

Ted Cruz thinks the UN should be defunded because it is a waste of money. Lindsey Graham is enraged over the UN’s decision to target Israel.

Different people have different reasons for wanting to cut off the United Nations’ funding. What matters is that this pending legislation covers all of their concerns.

It isn’t the “why” that matters… it’s the “how.”

Right now, we have enough votes in the House and Senate to attach a defunding bill to a piece of spending legislation and to get it passed. We have a President willing to sign it.

The only thing missing is the grassroots demanding that it be put up for a vote.

That is why it is so important for you and every other likeminded Conservative to stand up and demand that it be put to a vote!

When the House voted on a non-binding resolution condemning the UN, the majority of House Democrats voted for it. In the Senate, this same non-binding resolution has 68 co-sponsors. The votes are there. The will in Congressional leadership to hold a vote on a real piece of legislation is not.

Trump is readying executive orders to defund the UN and other international organizations. But he can't do it without Congress.

And Congress won't vote unless you force them to!

It is time to pass a binding piece of legislation to defund the UN once and for all. Send your FaxBlast to Congress and bombard them with demands to pass the Cruz-Graham bill to defund the United Nations!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily