Dear Conservative,

We all knew this was bound to happen. We all knew that Lois Lerner was pleading the fifth to save her own hide and to save people above her.

For months, targeted non-profit organizations have claimed that the conspiracy against them stretches much higher than just the IRS Cincinnati location. Every day that passes proves more and more of a massive cover-up into the government’s targeting of the political opposition.

From the very beginning, the Democrats have been trying to stonewall and derail the Congressional investigation into the IRS targeting of conservative groups. Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), the ranking Democrat on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, has spear headed this charge to end the investigation. Rep. Cummings has said that this is nothing but a “partisan witch hunt” and that the investigation into the IRS scandal is nothing but an attempt to keep the scandal in the headlines leading into the midterm elections.

Rep. Cummings has called for an immediate end to the Oversight Committee’s investigation, claiming that the case is solved and the whole investigation should be wrapped up.

Well, in the last 24 hours, the entire IRS investigation has been blown open!

Emails handed over to the committee show that Rep. Elijah Cummings HIMSELF was involved in coordinating with the IRS and suggesting groups to be targeted!

You read that correctly: The very person calling for the investigation to be ended turns out to be at the center of the scandal! The very person who is charged with investigating the scandal has actually been involved in it all along! This is criminal and unethical. If there is any hope of getting to the bottom of this scandal, Rep. Cummings must be removed from the Committee!

Tell Congress that in order to get to the bottom of the IRS scandal, Rep. Elijah Cummings MUST be removed from the House Government Oversight Committee!

Recently obtained emails show that Rep. Cummings was working with the IRS in 2012 and 2013 to go after the voter fraud prevention group, True the Vote. As you might remember, this organization has been at the heart of the scandal from the very beginning.

Catherine Engelbrecht founded True the Vote and testified before the Oversight Committee that once she got involved in politics, her organizations and businesses began to receive extra scrutiny from what she called “an assortment of Federal agencies.” Since filing as a non-profit group, Catherine Engelbrecht has been subjected to more than fifteen audits and inquiries from the IRS, FBI, ATF, and even the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, who fined her in excess of $20,000.

Well, she can thank the Distinguished Elijah Cummings for that. Since the summer of 2012, Elijah Cummings’ staff has been instrumental in going after True the Vote. The Congressman’s staff requested the organizations tax information, in addition to information regarding how they train their volunteers.

Within 3 days of Cummings reaching out to the IRS, Lois Lerner was already on it. She had instructed her underlings to get the Democrat Senator the files he wanted.

Holly Paz, who worked beneath Lois Lerner, spearheaded the targeting effort and went out of her way to get the information for Rep. Cummings. Lois Lerner would repeatedly monitor the progress, asking her deputy “did we find anything?” The IRS ultimately handed over True the Vote’s 990 forms to Cummings’s staff.

For months, Elijah Cummings has denied all of this. In fact, Cleta Mitchell, the attorney for True the Vote, testified before the Committee and openly accused Rep. Cummings of coordinating with the IRS to target the group. The Congressman responded, “What she just said is absolutely incorrect and not true.”

Well, it turns out that every single word of it was true!

Rep. Elijah Cummings, the ranking Democrat on the Committee investigating the IRS scandal, turns out to be at the very heart of the scandal itself!

This is why we continue to push Congress to investigate this! We know that this scandal goes all the way to the top, and it is just a matter of time before the Committee discovers more IRS collaboration with Congressional Democrats or the White House!

Congress is supposed to be a separate and co-equal branch of government that can oversee the Executive Branch and ensure that it operates fairly and neutrally. That is the purpose of the Government Oversight Committee. But when the corruption spreads reaches Congress and manifests itself in the very people who are supposed to be protecting the American People… then we have a serious problem!

There is a clear conflict of interest here! How could Elijah Cummings possibly be able to meet his obligations on the Government Oversight Committee when he can’t even figure out how to oversee himself and his staff?!

This IRS scandal runs deeper than any of us even imagined. And when more people are discovered to have been involved, they must be removed from the investigation all together!

Rep. Elijah Cummings lied to the American people and played an integral part in targeting a conservative non-profit group. He has been trying to bring an end to the investigation before it became apparent that he was at the center of it! The American people deserve the truth and as long as this crook is involved in the investigation, the truth will forever be out of reach! He must be removed from the Government Oversight Committee IMMEDIATELY!

The truth is that every single government agency participated in Obama’s reelection campaign. Until Cummings and his ilk are removed from power, we will never quite know the administration’s involvement! Cummings must be suspended NOW!

Tell Congress that in order to get to the bottom of the IRS scandal, Rep. Elijah Cummings MUST be removed from the House Government Oversight Committee!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily