Fellow Conservative,

Well, he’s done it again. President Barack Obama has once again promised to circumvent Congress to enact an international treaty. This time, Obama’s target is climate change. We have learned from multiple sources that the Paris climate summit was the main topic of conversation when Obama visited the UN. And yes - you guessed it - Obama's plan is to push another unconstitutional treaty through without Congressional ratification.

By refusing to intervene, Congress has emboldened this President to implement even more treaties by executive order. The next on the list is the climate change treaty known as the Paris Accord.

When French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said a few months ago that it was his goal to “find a (climate change) formula which is valuable for everybody and valuable for the U.S. without going to the Congress,” everyone in attendance – including US delegates – nodded their heads in approval.

That was a few months ago. Now, Obama has come out and said during his trip to the UN General Assembly that enforcing the Paris Accord without Congress is his number one goal now that his Iran treaty has been unconstitutionally and illegally implemented.

There you have it. The international community has joined forces with Obama to create a new climate change agreement that deliberately circumvents Congress’ treaty powers! This cannot be allowed to happen!

Don't let Obama enact the radical UN climate agenda! Demand Congress stop him by any means necessary!

I warned you that Obama was hell-bent on pushing this treaty through without a vote in Congress. Now, our fears have been confirmed.

Before you say anything, yes… What Obama is planning is completely unconstitutional.

The United States Constitution dictates that any treaty must receive a 2/3 vote in the Senate in order to it to be ratified. That’s not a suggestion… That’s not a guideline… That’s the LAW!

To say that Barack Obama doesn’t have the votes would be an understatement. Obama doesn’t have nearly enough votes in Congress to pass his radical climate change agenda. Not even close. Yet, the Constitution dictates that Obama MUST put a treaty up for a vote before it can become U.S. Law.

But – surprise, surprise – Barack H. Obama isn’t going to follow the Constitution! He is going to help enact a U.N. climate change treaty on his own!

Obama knows if he puts this climate change agenda to a vote, it will fail. So instead of obeying the Constitution and accepting defeat, the President is going to amend a climate treaty ratified in 1992 to create a politically binding “accord” that will force his climate change agenda not only on Americans, but the rest of the planet!

And thanks to the French Foreign Minister’s slip of the tongue, we now know that Obama has help.

Obama is deliberately going around Congress in order to force the United Nations’ radical climate change agenda on YOU! This is going to be worse than Agenda 21!

Raise your voice and demand that Congress STOP Obama from trampling on the Constitution and implementing the United Nations' climate change agenda!

We all believe in the benefits of cleaner air and cleaner water. Nobody wants the environment to be destroyed. But we also know that we can’t afford to levy more taxes on small businesses and hike the energy prices on low-to-middle income Americans struggling to get by.

If you don’t rise up and demand that Congress puts a stop to this out-of-control President, it’s over.

If the President is allowed to stomp on the Constitution and circumvent Congress to sign this bogus climate treaty, then we don’t have a republic anymore. We will have a dictatorship.

You can do this! Click and tell Congress to stop Obama's treachery once and for all!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily