Fellow Conservative,

Another day, another leftist campaign to remove a brave patriot from the armed forces…

Lt. Colonel Michael Kersten is, without a doubt, a patriot. He is the 39th Medical Support Squadron Commander stationed at the Incirlik Air Base in Turkey.

He has devoted his life to the military. But to the Left’s apparent dismay, he is also a Christian man.

All of the branches of the military have begun conducting and publishing Q&As with its officers on government websites.

In one of these Q&As, the interviewer asked this Lt. Colonel if there was a leader that he felt influenced him and the way he leads.

Lt. Colonel Kersten responded that he is most influenced by Jesus Christ. He explained to the interviewer that Jesus Christ “is my guide and affects all of my decisions” and then went on to explain that Jesus “teaches to do all things as unto the Lord and I believe this is synonymous with integrity first and excellence in all we do.”

This personal response was published to the Air Force’s website on its “Meet Your Leadership” page, and now the Left is demanding this patriot’s head.

The Obama administration is gearing up to fire this brave man, all because he answered a personal question honestly.

Lt. Colonel Michael Kersten isn’t the first officer that Obama has tried to remove from the military, but with your help, we can make sure that is the President’s last attempt and that he fails!

Obama and his allies are moving to punish and discharge an Air Force officer because of his faith! Please, FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND that Obama’s military purge be stopped and that Lt. Colonel Kersten be protected!

This wasn’t a comment made in an official capacity. This was a Christian man explaining that his faith guides and inspires him.

Obama and his leftist allies would rather this man had lied.

As I said, this is just one of many military officers who have found their head on the chopping block because of the Obama administration’s commitment to political correctness. We will defend every single member of the military who is attacked unjustly by Obama or his leftist allies.

We all remember the case of Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland. While serving in Afghanistan, a local mother came up to him and begged him to stop a local Afghan police officer from kidnapping and raping her young son. Martland confronted the rapist and after an argument ensued, he ended up shoving the rapist.

The Obama administration used this “shove” as an excuse to purge this Green Beret from the military. After a yearlong fight, the administration finally gave up and withdrew its actions against Sgt. Martland.

This man would have been removed from the military had it not been for brave patriots and liberty-lovers like you. We sent over 2-million faxes to Congress DEMANDING that they defend him and the administration ultimately folded to Congressional and public pressure.

Now, we need to do the same thing for Lt. Colonel Michael Kersten.

This man has done nothing wrong. He was personally asked which leader has influenced him the most and he responded, Jesus Christ. Now, the Obama administration and its allies are pushing forward with punishing him for his faith.

Lt. Colonel Kersten answered the call to protect us and to devote his life to caring for wounded soldiers and airmen. Now, the left wants him punished and publicly shamed for his faith.

This CANNOT be allowed to happen!

The Obama administration is moving forward with punishing yet another conservative military officer! Please, send your FaxBlast and force Congress to STOP Obama from purging this hero from the military!

This brave man protects us; it’s time to answer the call to defend him.


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily