Fellow Conservative,

I was standing at the foot of the Capitol Building yesterday to watch history unfold. But while everyone around me was staring at the swearing-in ceremony, I looked down to check my phone.

As Trump said those words, “so help me God,” I refreshed the Justice Department's pardon page. There were no new updates.

Barack Obama did not pardon Hillary Clinton. Every crime she has committed is still fair game.

As Clinton made her way down the steps towards her seat for the inauguration, she stopped to shake Rep. Jason Chaffetz’s hand. When the Congressman posted the picture on Instagram, however, he included caption.

“So pleased she is not the President. I thanked her for her service and wished her luck. The investigation continues.”

Rep. Chaffetz is in charge of the Congressional investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email crimes and the lies she told to Congress under oath. He just announced to the whole world that the investigation will continue.

Chaffetz has defied the establishment power brokers and vowed to continue with the contempt of Congress investigation against Clinton. He is already starting to receive demands from GOP leaders that he stop.

Don’t let that happen!

It continues! Send your urgent message to Congress and DEMAND that they move forward with the Contempt of Congress investigation against Hillary Clinton for lying about her email crimes under oath!

Here are the facts. Hillary Clinton told Congress, under oath, that she never sent or received Classified information. The FBI determined that was incorrect and the emails published by Wikileaks prove that Hillary and her staff knew that such a statement was incorrect.

That makes it a lie. Lying to Congress under oath is a crime that only Congress can punish.

That is just ONE charge. Add in the fact that she lied about handing over all her emails and physically destroyed subpoenaed evidence while under a preservation order and all of a sudden, the charges start stacking up.

We have so much that we need to do. We need to lock down the border, dismantle this horrendous healthcare system, fix the tax code, expand 2nd Amendment rights, and get Americans back to work. None of that will happen if the investigation into Clinton’s crimes comes from the White House or DOJ. The entire legislative process would be gummed up for months.

But Congress has the authority, in both the Constitution and the law, to charge Hillary Clinton with Contempt of Congress on their own and send the case directly to a grand jury.

Then, it would be up to a jury of Hillary Clinton’s peers alone to decide whether there is enough evidence to move to trial.

That is all we want. We want Hillary Clinton’s crimes to, once and for all, be presented before a grand jury and the number one way to make that happen is to demand that Congress file Contempt of Congress charges!

No surrender! Send your urgent message to Congress and DEMAND that they move forward with the Contempt of Congress investigation against Hillary Clinton for lying about her email crimes under oath!

I actually expected Obama to pardon Hillary Clinton. By the looks of it, Rep. Chaffetz did as well.

But Obama did not pardon her. Every crime she has committed is still indictable.

When the Fake News mainstream media declared that Hillary Clinton was a shoe-in to win, Chaffetz came out and said that the investigation into her crimes would continue even if she won. Under no circumstances could a Clinton win be used to dismantle the criminal investigation against her.

Now that she has lost, what would it say about us if we allowed her defeat to also dismantle the investigation?

Hillary Clinton broke the law. Then she lied to Congress about it under oath.

It is up to YOU to hold Congress’ feet to the fire and demand that they move forward with this!

Join the fight! Send your FaxBlast to Congress now and DEMAND that they move forward with Contempt of Congress charges against Hillary Clinton!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily