Fellow Conservative,

Over the past couple of weeks, Barack Obama has done everything in his power to circumvent Congress to surrender even more sovereignty to the United Nations.

The United Nations Climate Treaty perfectly exemplifies how far Barack Obama is willing to go to push his leftist agenda.

We have covered in depth how the Obama administration has deliberately attempted to circumvent Congress. Laurent Fabius, who is also a French Socialist Party leader, was one of the original architects of the UN Climate Treaty. Both him and Obama led the push to circumvent Congress.

“Whether we like it or not,” he said late last year, “if [the treaty] comes to the [U.S.] Congress, they will refuse… We must find a formula which is valuable for everybody and valuable for the U.S. without going to the Congress.”

Here’s how it works. For nearly every country on the planet, this treaty must be ratified and it would then become binding. But the treaty was deliberately designed to avoid technically needing a Congressional vote for the United States to participate. Obama is free to finance the agreement – which he already has to the tune of $500 million – without an ounce of Congressional support.

Well, over the past two days, both India and the European Union have formally ratified the treaty. This officially brings the treaty into force in 30-days. They weren’t supposed to hold ratification votes for another couple months, but the prospect of Donald Trump winning the Presidency compelled them to move up their timetable (that is actually their reasoning).

In 30-days time, the UN Climate Treaty will enter into force worldwide. The only way that happens is if Barack Obama gives away $2.5 billion of your tax dollars to finance it.

We’re out of time. Obama’s next unconstitutional payment to the United Nations is just days away! Send your FaxBlast to Congress now and DEMAND they freeze these funds and stop Obama from financing a treaty Congress never ratified!

In order for the UN Climate Treaty to go into effect, it needs to be ratified by countries that contribute 26% of the world’s pollution. With India and the EU ratifying yesterday, the treaty has officially crossed this threshold.

Instead of putting the treaty through Congress as the Constitution requires, Obama has chosen to implement the treaty through EPA executive orders and then continue financing the treaty’s implementation.

It really doesn’t get more unconstitutional than this…

As I mentioned, the President has already given away $500 million of taxpayer money to the United Nations to implement this treaty.  

The whole thing goes into effect in exactly thirty days. The only way that can happen is for Barack Obama to make another massive payment to the United Nations. This treaty doesn't "succeed" unless Obama gives away another $2.5 billion of your money.

He cannot be allowed to go forward with this… Barack Obama cannot be allowed to give away hundreds of millions of dollars to finance a treaty that Congress refuses to ratify.

Congress absolutely must pull the rug out from under Obama and the only way that happens is if we force them to intervene right now!

The UN Climate Treaty has is officially going into effect and Obama is forcing YOU to foot the bill! Send your FaxBlast to Congress here and demand that they freeze these accounts to stop Obama’s plan from moving forward!

Let's put an end to Obama's globalist agenda,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily