Fellow Conservative,

The Justice Department announced this week that they will not be pursuing the death penalty for the accused leader of the 2012 Benghazi terror attack that killed 4 Americans.

The Obama administration came down harder on the “filmmaker” that Hillary Clinton blamed for the terror attack than the actual terrorist who fired the shots.

Let that sink in for a second…

Nearly all of the victims’ family members have come forward and verified that Hillary Clinton came up to them during the memorial ceremony and promised them that “we are going to have the film maker arrested who was responsible for the death of [your sons].”

We all remember the video of FBI agents perp-walking the “filmmaker” and arresting him on parole violations.

Now, however, we have the guy who pulled the trigger and they won’t drop the hammer on him.

Ahmed Abu Khattala, the captured terrorist, has been charged with a number of crimes that are death penalty-eligible: murder of an internationally protected person, murder of an officer or employee of the United States, killing a person in an attack on a U.S. facility, and providing material support to terrorists resulting in death. Yet, Attorney General Loretta Lynch has decided to take the death penalty off the table for this terrorist.

It is shameful, but this is just another example of how the DOJ is protecting Hillary Clinton.

The Department of (in)Justice has proven to be incapable of doing its job. They’re protecting Hillary now on TWO fronts! FaxBlast and demand that Congress relieve Loretta Lynch and demand an impartial prosecutor!

It gets worse. The very DOJ officials who are supposed to be prosecuting Hillary Clinton’s email crimes and going after this Benghazi terrorist were revealed this week to be Hillary Clinton donors.

DOJ officials have, so-far, donated almost $75,000 to Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign. This is a record number. Twelve of these employees donated the maximum allowed by law.

By comparison, only two DOJ employees have donated to Donald Trump’s campaign.

How can a law enforcement agency be expected to do its job when its employees and prosecutors are donating to the political campaign of the woman they’re supposed to be investigating?

How can they be expected to bring justice to the families of Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods if they put politics over pursuing the death penalty for the killer?

It’s just so crooked…

And then, there’s the news that an Air Force Whistleblower has decided to break his silence and tell the truth about Benghazi. He says his team could have taken off and gotten to Benghazi in around three hours, more than enough time to prevent the 2nd mortar attack that killed Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty.

The Benghazi Attack started at 10:00 PM, local time. The mortar attack that killed these two American heroes took place at 5:15 AM, local time. A seven-hour window.

For God’s sake, a commercial airliner could fly from Germany (where much of our Air Force is stationed) to Benghazi in half that time.

When the late night phone call finally came in, Hillary Clinton hit the snooze button. She let our men die and now they’re doing everything they can to cover it up.

Now that we have the real perpetrator – not the amateur filmmaker, but the actual terrorist – the DOJ has conveniently decided to take the death penalty off the table.

It’s better for Hillary if this whole scandal just goes away and her donors at the DOJ are making it happen.

No way. We will never forget what Hillary Clinton did to those 4 brave Americans!

We will never stop fighting for justice and I hope that you won’t either!

They just let the Benghazi victims die. Now, they’re sparing the terrorists responsible? No way! FaxBlast and DEMAND that Loretta Lynch be taken off the case and that a special prosecutor be appointed to bring justice to the victims’ families!

None of this news would be getting out if it wasn't for YOU!

You pressured Congress non-stop and forced them to launch a Benghazi investigation. At the time, Speaker Boehner was adamantly opposed to such a committee, but you never relented.

Without you, Obama and Hillary would have succeeded in sweeping this under the rug.

We can't give up now. What was revealed this week has blown the lid off of this scandal. But as long as Loretta Lynch is calling the shots for the DOJ's investigations, there will never be justice. 

You need to get loud an demand that an independent prosecutor be assigned to these cases. This is too important to allow liberal politics to interfere with justice!

Don't let Obama cover it up! FaxBlast and FORCE Congress to replace Loretta Lynch with an independent prosecutor to bring true justice for Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily