Dear Conservative,

In January, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, packed by Barack Obama, issued its ruling on net neutrality and overturned the long-standing FCC regulation protecting individuals’ access to web content.

Essentially, net neutrality is the idea that information on the Internet must be freely accessible to everyone equally. Previously, FCC regulations made it illegal for Internet companies to block access to certain websites or give preferential treatment to others. Free, in this instance, does not necessarily mean ‘free of charge.’ While that is certainly the direction that the Internet should be heading to, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are still allowed to charge users to access the Internet.

The FCC adopted these regulations to impose “Open Internet” rules that barred Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from blocking or “unreasonably discriminating” against lawful Web content. While Internet Service Providers like Comcast, AT&T, and Time Warner Cable have always been allowed to charge customers for Internet access, they weren’t allowed to deliberately restrict subscribers’ access to legal Web content or use extortion in order to make a profit.

However, thanks to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, these Internet companies are now free to deliberately restrict their customers’ access to Web content. The Court ruled that the net neutrality rules were illegal as written, however the Court left the door open for the FCC to rewrite its regulations to comply with the ruling.

Surprise, surprise… Barack H. Obama and his administration decided just to let the ruling stand and allow the Internet as we know it to die! The Federal Communications Commission voted on Thursday to advance a proposal that could dramatically reshape the way we all experience the Internet. If this rule is allowed to be finalized, Internet providers like Comcast and Verizon could charge customers through the nose to be able to access high-volume websites and throttle access to websites that they don’t want you to see!

This could be the end of the Internet as we know it unless Congress intervenes!

Tell Congress that it MUST pass the Open Internet Preservation Act to protect your unfettered access to web content!

The new regulation will allow Internet providers to throttle Internet service and drag your high-speed connection back to the days of dial-up speeds. This FCC regulation essentially legalizes extortion, allowing Internet providers to charge users and websites a premium to ensure that content remains accessible. This is in addition to the monthly fees that you already pay to receive Internet access!

Usually, our calls to action are directed at the Democrats. Trust me, there is a lot to be angry about. We are still trying to clean up the mess they left after just two years of controlling both chambers of Congress. However, if I have learned anything from studying the politics of Washington, D.C., it is that the RINOs are just as bad!

This new regulation is unfortunately the brainchild of the Republicans. It is easy to look at net neutrality and see it as an unreasonable government restriction getting in the way of free market principles. And there are a lot of very legitimate points to be made for that line of reasoning.

However, in this case, regulation is necessary to ensure that access to the Internet is democratic, fair, reasonably priced, and unimpeded. In the wake of the FCC’s decision, Comcast just has already announced plans to place a data-limit on all of its Internet customers.

No, I am not talking about mobile users… Comcast is going to limit how many websites you can visit and files you can download in a given month. All while charging you the same amount!

This is un-American and it is dangerous! Not only does this extortion hurt up-and-coming websites and stifle technological and economic growth, but it also will force you to pay more out of pocket just to access the Internet!

This isn’t a joke. This isn’t some worst-case, hypothetical scenario. The rules are now in place allowing Internet companies to throttle services and they are already taking the necessary steps to implement these changes!

The loss of Internet neutrality poses many threats. What would happen if an Internet company decided to stop Conservatives from visiting certain websites and organizing with one another? What would happen if you were stopped from visiting FoxNews or some other Conservative site, and instead redirected instantly to MSNBC? What would happen if you had to pay a premium to access the Conservative media sites you rely on to receive accurate news coverage? Sure, this is far-fetched… but considering that Comcast owns MSNBC, it isn’t that far-fetched to think that Comcast would want to promote its own liberal agenda over the conservative alternatives!

This needs to be stopped. The Democrats have taken the lead on this, introducing the Open Internet Preservation Act in an attempt to reinstate net neutrality. Unfortunately, lobbyists have already ‘convinced’ Republicans that the Internet is better when ISPs decide what content you are allowed to access and how much you should have to pay to access it! Whether it is restricting a user’s access to websites like Netflix, or blocking Conservative websites, this new regulation is bad for the country!

Tell Congress that it MUST pass the Open Internet Preservation Act to protect your unfettered access to web content!

This is an urgent call to action!

The Internet as we know it is about to be put to death! If this regulation is allowed to be out into effect, you can say good-bye to Internet freedom! Internet service providers will be able to charge you to access certain websites, penalize you for using the internet too much, and companies like Comcast – with vested interests in liberal media companies – will deliberately try to prevent users from accessing Conservative websites!

The Internet has allowed us to grow and expand into the twenty-first century. Now, the FCC wants to drag us back to the dial-up age and leave us at the mercy of the megalithic Internet companies! This cannot be allowed to happen! We must stand up and stop this horrible regulation from going into effect!

Tell Congress that it MUST pass the Open Internet Preservation Act to protect your unfettered access to web content!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily