Fellow Conservative,

We just received breaking news!

Sgt. Charles Martland, the Army Green Beret who is being kicked out of the Army for defending a victimized Afghan child, was granted another extension for his appeal.

The end of April is now the deadline for Martland’s appeal.

Here’s the thing, though: Martland’s paperwork has been in for weeks. The Pentagon isn’t giving him an extension… they’re trying to run out the clock themselves!

The Pentagon is dragging its feet! Don't let them ruin this American hero's military career! FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND they pass H.Res. 451 to reinstate Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland!

We all remember the story. An Afghan mother came up to Sgt. Martland and begged him to save her son from being raped by the local police commander.

Upon investigating, an Army medic confirmed that the boy had been savagely raped and tortured.

When Martland confronted the Afghan, the pig just laughed. He confessed to kidnapping the boy, chaining him to a bed, and raping him for a week and a half. But what really got Martland’s blood boiling was when the Afghan dared the Americans to do something about it.

At this point, the Sergeant lost his cool and pushed the confessed child rapist, knocking him over.

Now, this incident is being used to kick an 11-year Army hero out of the military!

There is no doubt that the Pentagon is trying to run out the clock on this one. But the fact of the matter is that Sgt. Martland would never have been given an appeal in the first place had it not been for your commitment and activism!

We have sent more FaxBlasts to Congress on this issue than any other issue. With your help, we have kept this Bronze Star recipient’s plight front and center in Congress.

But we cannot let-up now!

If we leave it to the Pentagon to decide, they will rule against this American hero!

No more games! Don't let Obama ruin this hero's military career! Force Congress to pass H.Res. 451 and reinstate Sgt. Martland immediately!

House Resolution 451 is, and always has been, our best chance of getting Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland reinstated. It reads,

(1) Members of the United States Armed Forces should not be punished for standing up to child rapists;

(2) Putting the interests of Afghan rapists ahead of American war heroes is a national disgrace;

(3) The Americans who should be punished are those who created and condone the immoral and reprehensible policy that encourages members of the Armed Forces to ignore child rape; and

(4) The Secretary of Defense should immediately order the reinstatement of Sergeant First Class Charles Martland as a member of the Army.

What a simple concept. If a serviceman or woman stands up to a child rapist, this resolution declares that the rapist should be the one who is punished.

It is so obvious that I was speechless when I first read it. But Barack Obama is so intent on gutting and culling the military that he would dare use a case like this as an excuse to ruin a man’s career.

It’s just so pathetic. We have been covering Martland’s case for almost a year now. Obama’s silence proves that he cares more about the rights of confessed child rapists than the rights of Bronze Start recipients.

Already, FIFTY Congressmen have signed on to this resolution. These aren't just 50 Republicans, either. It is a bipartisan group. Countless others are ready to sign on. But they need your help.

We’re running out of time. At the end of the month, the Pentagon will have to rule. They will rule against Sgt. Martland. Only you can save him!

Time is running out for this American hero! He fought for us, now it's your turn to fight for him! FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND they reinstate Sgt. Martland immediately!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily