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Last week, I told you about Ted Cruz's plan to impose term limits on Congress. Senator Cruz has introduced this resolution before, but since this year marks a new Congress, Cruz had to formally re-introduce the resolution again.

Every piece of legislation is assigned a bill number in both the House and Senate. The lower the bill number is, the better the chance that it will receive a vote. Usually, the first 10-to-20 bill numbers are reserved for the leadership to assign to legislation that they want to prioritize.

Mitch McConnell has promised to stop term limits from ever passing. He's been in the Senate for 34 years, of course he doesn't want to see this pass...

But when the 116th Congress officially began earlier this month, Ted Cruz's office was first in line to file their term limit resolution. They beat out all of McConnell's measures. The bill to amend the Constitution and impose term limits on Congress is now listed as Senate Joint Resolution 1.

This proposal is common sense. It would limit Congressmen to serving three terms (a total of six years) and limit Senators to serving two terms (12 years).

Of course, we can debate how long these term limits should be. But right now, the Republican AND Democrat leadership are blocking that debate from even happening!

We're getting closer! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress now and FORCE a vote on Ted Cruz's Drain the Swamp term limits amendment!

This isn't all that surprising. Nancy Pelosi has been in the House for 32 years. Chuck Schumer "served" 18 years in the House before "serving" 20 years in the Senate. You already know that Mitch McConnell has been in the Senate forever. Even House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy -- who I genuinely like -- has been in office for 12 years.

These people are against Sen. Cruz's bill because it would end their careers.

Let's be honest here, what kind of new and fresh ideas could these people possibly bring to the table after 30+ years in Congress?

Politicians don't run for re-election five or six times to serve their communities... they do it to serve themselves. Ted Cruz's bill would put an end to this, once and for all.

A week ago, I told you that the Cruz bill had been introduced -- against Mitch McConnell's wishes -- but that only a handful of Republicans had signed onboard. That has changed. Since we bombarded Congress with close to a quarter million FaxBlasts, two more Senators have formally signed on as co-sponsors: Tim Scott (SC) and Rand Paul (KY). On top of that, Senator Rick Scott (FL) just announced that he would be joining the term limit push too.

The House version of the Constitutional amendment continues to gain co-sponsors as well, growing to 25 just this past week.

Both Democrat and Republican leaders are trying desperately to stop these measures from coming up for a vote. They know that this is the greatest threat to their power.

This is our best chance to truly drain the swamp in Washington!

Don't let the career politicians win! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress now and FORCE a vote on Ted Cruz's Drain the Swamp term limits amendment!

Ted Cruz has done the hard work. He got the resolution filed and is working to collect enough co-sponsors to force a vote. President Trump is also on board and pressuring Congress to vote on the measure. But they need your help to finish this!

This isn't just a piece of legislation... this is a Constitutional amendment. It would write term limits into the constitution and outlaw career politicians once and for all!

Make no mistake: the powers-that-be are going to fight us tooth and nail. People like McConnell and Schumer want to cling to power as long as they can. Powerful lobbyists have already 'bought' these Congressmen and Senators and will do everything in their power to protect their 'investments.'

It really is up to you to take this country back.

You can win this!

Keep up the pressure! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress now and FORCE a vote on Ted Cruz's Drain the Swamp term limits amendment!


Joe Otto

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