Fellow Conservative,

Last week, Representative Mark Meadows (R-NC) introduced a resolution to remove John Boehner as Speaker of the House.

We sent well over 100,000 faxes to Congress on this issue. We had a tremendous respons. Then, the whole topic just seemed to fade out of the spotlight.

The last we heard, Boehner was going to bring the bill to the floor to call the Conservatives’ bluff. If he could win the vote to retain the Speakership, it would mean the end to the coup against him.

However, just as Boehner was about to put the bill to a vote, the Whip team came back and pulled the plug on it. After counting all the votes, they determined Boehner wouldn’t have enough votes to retain his position!

So now we have reached a point where the only person standing in the way of removing John Boehner is Boehner himself! That is a textbook definition of tyranny; one person holding onto power by any means necessary.

The votes are there! Click to make one more push to remove John Boehner from power!

Unlike previous attempts to unseat John Boehner, this measure isn’t designed to replace him with anyone. The resolution would leave the Speaker’s chair vacant.

That is why there is so much more support for unseating Boehner. Congressmen no longer have to choose the lesser of two evils. They can cast a vote of no confidence against Boehner without having to vote for someone they also disagree with.

If the vote to oust Boehner was held today, it would pass. That is a fact.

But Boehner – not surprisingly – is standing in the way. You see, the Speaker of the House has tremendous power in deciding which bills get a floor vote and which are sent to the trashcan.

Of course, Boehner is blocking the resolution to remove him from power.

There is a word for a system of government where one individual makes all the decisions: dictatorship.

The majority of Congress wants Boehner removed, the majority of Americans want Boehner removed, and judging by the responses we have gotten from you, the vast majority of our readers want Boehner removed.

So, let’s do something about it. While the Speaker has tremendous power deciding which bills get voted on, there is a way around Boehner’s blockade. It is called a Discharge Petition.

If 50% of Congress signs the discharge petition, then it would bypass Boehner and send the resolution right to the floor for a vote.

Some Congressmen are openly discussing this strategy, but the majority of them are unsure. They’re not sure whether the American people want them to pursue this fight.

It’s up to you. It’s up to you to DEMAND that your Congressman support the discharge petition to remove Boehner from power!

We have never been this close. The votes are all there. Only John Boehner himself stands in the way of removing him from power.

After everything this man has done and after all the times he has stabbed Conservatives in the back, are you really going to let him hold onto power with an iron fist?

Absolutely not!

Don’t give up the momentum! We have the votes! Demand Congress remove Boehner from Power!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily