Fellow Conservative,

The backbone of Hillary Clinton’s email defense is that she never sent or received classified information. She lied.

I know that must come as a surprise to you to learn that a serial liar has lied again, but she has.

When Hillary first gave her statement on the email scandal during a press conference at the United Nations, she made a bold claim: “I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email.”

Analysis from over the weekend shows that Hillary Clinton was herself the originator of 104 Classified documents.

Will the DOJ prosecute her? Unlikely, given the fact that over the weekend, they leaked information vital to the investigation to try to make Hillary appear less guilty.

It is up to We the People to make sure that Hillary Rodham Clinton spends the next years of her life in a prison cell, NOT in the oval office!

Send Hillary to prison! FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND they appoint a Special Prosecutor to indict Hillary for her 104 illegal emails!

During last night’s debate, Hillary proclaimed that “people should be held responsible for their actions.” She was referring to the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, but these are striking words from a woman whose defense has become “I didn’t mean to break the law.”

She broke the law. The law requires for Classified information to be contained within a secure system. Anyone who has ever worked or visited a facility that handles Classified information knows how seriously the government takes this. People have been charged with crimes for bringing a computer into an area with classified information. People have been fired and had their security clearances revoked because they plugged their phone into a secure computer in order to charge it.

Thousands of people have had their lives ruined for offenses that pale in comparison to what Hillary did.

She created 104 Classified emails. As the Secretary of State, she had an obligation to mark them. Even if she wasn’t sure whether the information was classified, the law requires her to mark it out of caution. She didn’t.

She put this nation at risk. There is no way around it. Not only did she put the country at risk, but she put lives at risk by talking about intelligence assets without securing the communications.

The Obama administration has already said that they don’t believe anything will come from the FBI’s investigation. For a President who has repeatedly said his office will not comment on ongoing investigations, the White House was more than happy to inject itself into Hillary’s investigation.

They’re not going to prosecute. The former-Secretary of State broke the law at least 104 times and the Obama administration is completely shielding them…

No more waiting. Tell Congress to get off their butts and prosecute Hillary to the fullest extent of the law!

I don’t take pleasure in pointing out that Hillary Clinton is a felon. Well, actually, I kind of do.

But do you know what would be more enjoyable than talking about it?

Watching as Hillary Clinton walks through the door at a Federal prison and hearing the door slam behind her.

This doesn’t have to be a dream. The only thing stopping this from becoming a reality is Congress. Congress has complete authority to appoint a Special Prosecutor when the Obama administration is deemed to have a conflict of interest. They must use this power!

Want to see Hillary in prison? Please FaxBlast Congress right now and demand they appoint a Special Prosecutor immediately before the Obama administration clears her!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily