Dear Conservative,

Yesterday, we were greeted with excellent news. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and other federal agencies have decided to stop seizing Clive Bundy’s cattle in Bunkerville, Nevada.

As I wrote yesterday, the BLM has been rounding up Bundy’s cattle to pay for the $1.1 Million of “grazing fees“ the government claims is owed. The purpose of these fees? To dissuade farmers and ranchers from using this PUBLIC land that also happens to be occupied by the endangered Desert Tortoise.

The BLM, in concert with other federal agencies, planned to sell Bundy’s cattle in order to pay his debt.

Well, yesterday, over 300 brave patriots showed up to the ranch off of I-15 in Nevada. The protesters and self-described militiamen showed up on horseback and carrying weapons ready to defend Clive Bundy and his family from what was a clear example of tyrannical government overreach. Armed protesters stood up against the government thugs, and the federal government blinked, showing restraint for once and staving off another potential “Waco” incident.

News broke yesterday that while the whole crisis, on paper, was over a turtle, there are other corporate interests at play, looking to gain access to the region’s water and mineral rights and other natural resources. And as usual, when an individual’s rights are being trampled for gain, the scandal goes all the way to the top and Sen. Harry Reid is at the center of it!

Tell Congress it must put an end to this cronyism and STOP Harry Reid’s corrupt Nevada land grab!

So here are the specifics. Evidence suggests that Harry Reid was using the BLM to bully ranchers like Clive Bundy off of the land in order to open the door for foreign investment and development.

The Director of the Bureau of Land Management, Neil Kornze, is a former Reid staffer. The allegation is that Harry Reid has been conspiring with the BLM for years to evict Bundy’s “trespass cattle” to open the door for Chinese investment and development of a solar farm.

Prior to this crisis, the BLM website explained that Clive Bundy’s “trespass cattle” were directly impeding on development in the region.

“Non-governmental organizations have expressed concern that the regional mitigation strategy for the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone utilizes Gold Butte as the location for offsite mitigation for impacts from solar development, and that those restoration activities are not durable with the presence of trespass cattle,” the purged document says.

The BLM has been trying to create a large solar farm in Nevada and BLM Technical Note 444 shows that not only do Bundy’s cattle graze on this land, but Bundy’s property is also within the targeted area!

Back in 2012, it was reported that Harry Reid’s son Rory was the primary representative for ENN Energy Group, a Chinese company seeking to build a $5 Billion solar plant in Nevada.

So now we have a situation where Harry Reid’s son and former staffer may have been coordinating to evict an American rancher in order to open the door to Chinese investment. Harry Reid has denied participating in the deal, however multiple news organizations, including Reuters, have confirmed that Senator Harry Reid was influential in pushing for the deal! This is cronyism, plain and simple! To have the Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate conspiring with a foreign company to displace a hard-working American rancher is atrocious!

Tell Congress it must put an end to this nonsense and STOP Harry Reid’s Nevada land grab!

The American dream is under threat. Not because Americans are no longer working hard… We are working harder than ever to provide for our families. Yet, at every step of the way, the federal government tries to slap us down and restrict our upward mobility.

The allegations that Harry Reid is behind trying to put an American rancher out of business in order to line his pockets should infuriate you! The BLM used an endangered tortoise as an excuse to round up Clive Bundy’s cattle and kick him off public land. Before this crisis, the Bureau of Land Management was actually euthanizing the turtleson the land because they were too expensive to maintain! However, when the land became valuable to the solar industry, then the BLM used the technicality to try to evict Clive Bundy and seize his cattle! Instead of preserving the land as the agency claims, the Reid family is conspiring with a foreign company to develop the land for their profit!

This level of corruption is absolutely despicable! How many other government actions are fueled by congressmen and senators just trying to line their pockets? How many other examples of government tyranny and overreach are just manifestations of congressional greed?

This must end and Harry Reid must be held accountable for this! For the Majority Leader of the Senate to conspire with the Executive branch and a foreign company to put an American rancher out of business is UNACCEPTABLE!

Tell Congress it must put an end to this nonsense and STOP Harry Reid’s Nevada land grab!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily