Fellow Conservative,

FBI Director James Comey just gave a press conference.

He announced that Hillary lied when she said she handed over all work-related emails. The FBI found that Hillary and her lawyers destroyed government records. That is a crime.

He announced that Hillary Clinton was “extremely careless in handling Top Secret information. That is a crime.

Comey also announced that Hillary lied when she said she never sent or received emails that were classified at the time. The FBI identified a number of emails that Hillary Clinton had on her private server that were Top Secret at the time they were sent and received. That is a crime.

The FBI Director also said that while it was impossible to determine, for sure, whether a foreign actor breached Hillary Clinton’s server, it was entirely likely that she was hacked. That would be a crime.

So, James Comey declared that Hillary Clinton was “extremely careless,” transmitted top secret documents, and that hostile actors may have gained access. But he concluded that he was not recommending charges.

Comey spent fifteen to twenty minutes going over the evidence that Hillary Clinton broke the law and then concluded that he would not be recommending criminal charges.

The system is completely rigged.

The Founders knew a day would come when the impartiality of the Executive branch would be compromised. FaxBlast your Congressman and Senators to DEMAND that Hillary Clinton be held in Contempt of Congress for lying under oath!

What is abundantly clear is that there is one set of rules that you and I have to abide by and there is a separate set of rules that apply to the Clintons.

James Comey said that Hillary Clinton was “extremely careless.” Anyone who is a lawyer will immediately understand the gravity of this statement. “Extremely careless” is usually held to be synonymous with the term “gross negligence.”

The Federal statute within the Espionage Act states that mishandling classified information through “gross negligence” is a crime punishable by up to ten years in prison.

There is no way that Hillary Clinton could be “extremely careless” without also being “grossly negligent.”

What James Comey just delivered was a systematic explanation of how Hillary Clinton and her aides broke the law.

Before walking off the stage, the FBI Director was quick to say that this decision to not recommend indictment does not mean that someone else in a similar situation would be let off the hook as well.

Translation: The rules that apply to the Clintons do not apply to you.

Here’s the real kicker, though. Hillary Clinton swore before both Congress and a Federal Judge, under penalty of perjury, that she handed over every single government-related document in her possession. The FBI literally confirmed that was a lie.

You can’t control whether this Federal Judge holds her in contempt, but you absolutely can force Congress to!

Congress has full authority to hold Hillary Clinton in Contempt of Congress! FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND that Hillary be held in contempt for lying under oath!

The FBI and DOJ were compromised. You had the President tell agents, in no uncertain terms, to stand down after he endorsed Hillary Clinton for President.

You had the Attorney General meet with Bill Clinton in secret, just days before the FBI announced that it would seek a 2-year delay in releasing Hillary’s aides’ emails.

Now, you have the Director of the FBI give a 15 minute speech detailing all the ways Hillary Clinton broke the law, only to declare that he is not recommending indictment.

And here comes Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, arriving at a campaign rally aboard tax payer-funded Air Force One as if nothing happened.

The system is rigged, folks. We never stood a chance.

The Executive Branch has been compromised. It has become so partisan that it is impossible to fairly enforce the law. The Founding Fathers predicted this day would come. That is why they made Congress a co-equal branch of government with the power to step in when necessary.

It is up to YOU to force Congress to intervene! FaxBlast and demand they hold Clinton in Contempt for lying under oath!

Don't let her get away with it,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily