Dear Conservative,

Every single Obama appointee who is caught committing a crime must be impeached, convicted, imprisoned, and left to rot! There can be absolutely no alternative.

Attorney General Eric Holder’s role in the botched gun running mission, Operation Fast and Furious, has to be at the top of that list! He must be impeached TODAY!

Why today? Well, recent court documents now show that in addition to causing 300+ deaths South of the Border and leading to the death of Border Patrol Brian Terry, the Fast and Furious guns that Eric Holder’s DOJ allowed the cartels to buy have started making their way north back into the United States!

Eric Holder allowed these Mexican cartels to arm themselves to the teeth. Fast and Furious wasn’t about trying to catch cartel members. It was about shoring up a lie repeatedly perpetuated by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton that American gun stores provide 90% of Mexican crime guns.

For years, Democrats have been repeating this lie to try to gain support for a new Assault Weapons Ban. If they could convince Americans that Mexican crime was caused by our lax gun laws, maybe they could push through their anti-gun agenda. The problem is that the U.S. doesn’t supply 90% of Mexico’s crime guns… in fact, that number is under 20%, according to FBI itself.

Operation Fast and Furious was never designed to catch people. There were absolutely ZERO mechanisms in place to catch these arms smugglers. The goal wasn’t to catch them, but to create evidence for the administration’s false narrative!

Now, after killing hundreds of Mexicans in addition to one Border Patrol agent, the Fast and Furious weapons are being smuggled back into the U.S. by cartel members to be used against American citizens! This is unacceptable and Eric Holder must be removed from office for his role in this!

Tell Congress that Eric Holder MUST be impeached for his role in the Fast and Furious cover-up!

This isn’t an exaggeration at all. Government officials undercover, posing as a gun-trafficking ring, bought guns from cartel members that originated from Operation Fast and Furious. This is happening right now!

How many criminals and gang members in the United States are now armed because of Eric Holder and Barack Obama’s actions? How many Americans will be shot and killed as a result of this administration’s incompetence?

When will ANYONE be held accountable?

Congress has already held Eric Holder in Contempt of Court. A Federal Judge has already denied the Attorney General’s appeals.

What has happened since then? NOTHING! Both the Legislative and Judicial Branches have ruled that the administration must hand over Fast and Furious documents. Yet, even as these firearms start turning up at crime scenes here in the United States, Eric Holder’s DOJ still refuses to admit any wrongdoing!

Now these guns have been recovered in Texas and New Mexico, opening up the door for them to be used against American citizens! The Obama administration caused this! Barack Obama and Eric Holder have put American lives in danger now and someone MUST be held accountable.

Holder’s crimes are well documented. Unfortunately, he has been allowed to hide under the veil of President Obama’s “executive privilege.” But the last five years in office have shown that asking Eric Holder to follow and defend the Constitution is like asking a fox to guard the hen-house... it isn’t going to happen! Of course Eric Holder isn’t following the Constitution… that’s because he despises it!

He believes that the Constitution is nothing but outdated guidelines because the document does not afford him with the totalitarian power that liberals think it should!

The Constitution exists as a framework to defend against tyranny. It is designed to stop administration officials from breaking the law to push their own agendas. By refusing to obey the document, Eric Holder can only be classified as a tyrant!

Fortunately, the Constitution provides a process for removing tyrants from office. Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution says that the House of Representatives has the power to impeach civil officers for treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.

Impeachment articles against Eric Holder have already been introduced in Congress. They have sat in committee for months, waiting for our elected officials to muster the bravery to stand up against this tyrannical regime. Now WE must do our part and make sure that our elected officials support this resolution and act in our interests!

In all honesty, Eric Holder could be impeached for any number of issues. The IRS scandal, his refusal to prosecute Lois Lerner, the AP scandal, his refusal to defend laws in court, you name it! However, Eric Holder MUST be impeached for his role in the Fast and Furious cover-up! The American people deserve the truth!

Tell Congress that Eric Holder MUST be impeached for his role in the Fast and Furious cover-up!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily