Fellow Conservative,

It’s over, folks. The reign of Paul Ryan in the House of Representatives could be coming to an end.

Both RINOs and Conservatives have serious reservations about Ryan’s healthcare bill, the House has ground to a halt and not passed any significant legislation 55 days into Trump’s Presidency, and now a bombshell audio tape just leaked.

The audio, from last October, features Paul Ryan telling Republicans in Congress that he “will not defend Donald Trump… Not now, not in the future.”

While we already knew that Ryan tried to distance himself from then-Candidate Trump in October, the comments are still hard to listen to.

This is a man who was perfectly willing to let Hillary Clinton win the Presidency and who promised the Republican caucus that he would never defend or support Donald Trump.

And this man thinks he can be Speaker of the House?

We don’t have to settle for this! Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now and demand they replace Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House!

Time is flying. President Trump has already been in office for almost two months and Congress has completely stalled his agenda.

The bill to repeal and replace Obamacare – which in many ways offers a starting point for a first step – is getting flak from both Conservatives in the Freedom Caucus and RINOs in the left wing of the Party. 

And now this audio? Game over.

This wasn’t surreptitiously recorded. Paul Ryan said this on a conference call with every single Republican in the House of Representatives. He didn’t care if this got “leaked.” He probably was counting on it.

But now we have to ask how a House Speaker who swore off the President could ever be trusted to implement his agenda.

It’s simply not possible.

Paul Ryan cannot be trusted. Even in his own Congressional district, his approval numbers are below President Trump’s numbers.

We already know what he will do when things get hard. He will throw President Trump under the bus to save himself and his own agenda. Paul Ryan looked at the polls last October and believed Trump couldn’t win. So, he disowned him. Now the polls show that the people have turned against Ryan.

The reason is that voters now see that Ryan doesn’t care about the people’s agenda.

It is time to make a change in leadership. If Paul Ryan will not step aside for the good of the Nation, then he must be replaced!

Paul Ryan is finished. Please, send your FaxBlast to all of Congress and demand they replace Representative Ryan as Speaker of the House!

Listen: I was willing to give him a chance. I think most of us were willing to give him a chance.

It gives me no pleasure to call for this. But it is necessary.

Once trust is lost, it is really hard to win it back and we don’t have time to waste. We’re already more than halfway through President Trump’s "First 100 Days" and Congressional inaction has completely stalled his agenda.

If we’re going to make a change, it needs to come now.

Paul Ryan said he would never support Trump, "not now, not in the future." Well, here we are in the future and it is painfully obvious that Ryan was telling the truth.

You don’t have to settle. You don’t have to accept that this is the best we can get!

We're looking to bombard Congress with atleast 150,000 faxes. Will you please join us in this fight?

Please, join our push today to FORCE Congress to replace Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily