Oh my goodness.

U.S. District Judge William Alsup, a Bill Clinton appointee in San Francisco, issued a late ruling yesterday ordering President Trump to reinstate Obama's DACA amnesty program.

This activist judge isn't even going to let the GOP surrender. He is ordering the administration to stand down and allow illegal aliens to stay in the country.

Why? Well, Alsup says that enforcing immigration law as written would cause tremendous "hardship" to these illegal aliens and they deserve the ability to be a part of American society.


I have never, in my entire life, seen such a ridiculous ruling. This one judge thinks he can just undo our immigration laws. He thinks he can demand that the President reinstate an unconstitutional executive order.

He must be smacked down!

 Tell Congress to STOP this activist judge and put an end to Obama's unconstitutional amnesty program once and for all!

Obama's executive order said, in a nutshell, that he would not deport illegal aliens and would turn a blind eye to them working in the country illegally. Basically, the program was a promise not to enforce the law.

President Trump undid the DACA program and told Congress to pass a law if they want to make it permanent. But he wouldn't continue enforcing an unconstitutional executive order.

Judge Alsup decided that Trump must reinstate the order he cancelled and continue processing illegal amnesty applications.

Obama did an end around Congress to impose his will onto the American people by executive fiat. Now, this liberal activist judge is trying to turn the unconstitutional executive order into law.

This is blatant abuse of power. But make no mistake: this isn't an issue of process. Even if this judge gets smacked down, the Establishment Republicans want to just solidify it into law anyway.

The entire establishment is trying to push this amnesty through. Cowards in Congress want to make it permanent, activist liberal judges are trying to reinstate Obama's executive order, and even President Trump is putting amnesty on the table in order to finally get Congress to approve his border wall and immigration demands.

They are all standing against you.

Please, fight back!

Tell Congress to SMACK down this activist judge and end Obama's unconstitutional amnesty program once and for all!