Even more Federal judges are legislating from the bench and trying to block President Trump’s refugee pause from going into effect. Just yesterday, another Obama-appointee - District Judge Andre Birotte Jr. - stepped in to block Trump from keeping foreigners out of the country.

The same constitutional and legal authority that allowed President Obama to increase the number of refugees coming into the country allows President Trump to reduce it to zero. Period.

That is simply a fact. Congress has given this authority to the President. Any time he believes the entry of a class of aliens would be detrimental to the United States, he has the legal authority to turn them away. This is detailed in 8 USC 1182(f).

The only people who have a right to enter the United States are Americans. Anyone else can be turned away.

Now, we have liberal activist judges trying to circumvent the law and the Constitution to keep Obama’s refugee policy in place. And even worse, Congress is sitting on its hands…

Are you going to let these activist judges reinstate Obama’s policies? Please, send your FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to pass H.R. 4038 and kill Obama’s refugee policies for good!

A year and a half ago, Congress decided to pass legislation to pause the Obama refugee program until the applicants could be vetted.

The heads of the intelligence agencies testified that it was impossible to fully vet Syrian refugees. American bureaucrats can’t just pick up the phone and ask their Syrian counterparts to verify a refugee’s identity. Even if Syria wanted to help us, or could help us, why would they stop terrorists from leaving their country?

We cannot vet these people using the systems that Obama put in place. Period.

When Congress passed this bill to pause Obama’s refugee program, Senator Chuck Schumer came out and said that a refugee “pause many be necessary.”

Now, Schumer is the Senate Minority Leader and has declared that the policy he once advocated is unconstitutional and un-American.

Those on the left don’t even care how hypocritical they are. They don’t care about consistency. They are, and always have been, an “ends justify the means “political party. They only care about outcomes.

Now, liberal judges are putting the brakes on Trump’s executive order and letting people into the country who have no right to enter. These aren’t judges… they are legislators in robes.

Congress can put a stop to this. Not only can they ensure that the pause stays in place, but they can also set the requirements for vetting. H.R. 4038 would do just that.

This bill has bipartisan support. As I mentioned above, even Chuck Schumer supported it in 2015.

It would cut these activist judges down at the knees and write stricter vetting procedures into our immigration law.

Please, don’t let a handful of activist judges drag us back into the Obama era/error! Send your FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress pass H.R. 4038 right now!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily