Fellow Conservative,

It was only a matter of time before we got the proof… and here it is.

Last month, Hillary Clinton turned over 300 emails from her private email server to the House Select Committee on Benghazi. These emails were finally released YEARS after Congress started investigating the attack on our consulate that claimed the life of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans.

Within these are a number of private emails between Hillary Clinton and her top aides discussing the attack and its aftermath. But here’s the kicker: both Hillary and her top aides were discussing this using PRIVATE email accounts.

The House committee is going through these emails now, however it is safe to say that these correspondences included, at the very least, sensitive information subject to government secrecy laws.

Hillary claimed that she never sent classified or sensitive information across her unsecure private email server.  That was a LIE!

The House just ‘asked’ Hillary to turn over her email server. Is this a joke? Demand that Congress subpoena and SEIZE Hillary’s server immediately!

So we know that not only was Hillary Clinton emailing sensitive information using an unsecure private email server, but she was sending them to aides who ALSO were using private email accounts.

There’s only one reason to do this and former Clinton advisor James Carville hits the nail on the head: Hillary didn’t want Congressional Republicans “rifling through her emails.”

As you might remember, Clinton claimed during her recent press conference at the UN that her record collection methods didn’t matter because all of her work-related emails were automatically archived by the recipients’ .gov email accounts. That’s just not true. On top of that, Hillary’s aides had email accounts hosted on her private server as well.

A public records search for Huma Abedin, one of Clinton’s top aides, shows that she and other aides used private ClintonEmail.com accounts while she worked for the State Department.

The result is you have the Secretary of State and her aides communicating on government business using emails hosted on a private server Hillary said was just for personal use.


You don’t take 2+ years turning over documents because you want to preserve the records. Hillary claims that she used the HillaryEmail.com account for ‘convenience.’ So, let’s pretend that the purpose of the server was convenience, as opposed to concealing records.

Why, then, did Huma Abedin need an email account also on the same server? Why did two other Clinton aides have email accounts on the server as well?

Here’s where it gets really interesting… Cheryl Mills was Clinton’s Chief of Staff and she too used a private email account on Hillary’s private server to conduct official business.

Cheryl Mills also was one of the Clinton aides who was caught secretly sifting through Benghazi documents to remove anything critical of Hillary Clinton before they were turned over to Congress.

Congress has started subpoenaing Clinton’s aides’ emails. But many of these emails were hosted on Clinton’s server.

When it comes to the former-Secretary of State, we have Congress asking Hillary Clinton to please hand over her email server.

Please? This is Congress we are talking about… the most powerful legislative body in the world. Not only can Congress subpoena Hillary’s email server, but they also can instruct the Sergeant-at-Arms to apprehend her and compel her to testify.

With all of these tools at their disposal, Congress leads by asking for the email servers nicely? I wonder if they asked, ‘pretty-please…’

There is absolutely NO reason to trust that Hillary Clinton turned over all relevant emails on her own. The elaborate private email system used by Clinton and her aides was designed to specifically keep these records personal and hidden away from the archives.

This scandal is bigger than we even thought. But the only way to get to the bottom of this is to force Congress to act!

Tell Congress to take off the kid gloves and seize Hillary’s email server before the Clintons destroy the evidence!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily