Dear Conservative,

Barack Obama is a criminal. There… I said it.

Time and time again, this Imperial President has violated our laws, infringed on our Constitutional rights, and pushed the limits of his Executive Power.

His crimes are well documented. His administration has gone after your right to free speech, targeted the free exercise of religion and it has done everything its power to disarm you and violate your Second Amendment rights. He has used every department under him to target his opposition, pushing the IRS to silence opposition non-profit groups, the FBI use wiretaps to spy on Fox News, the NSA to collect the phone records of millions of Americans without a warrant, and he has used the CIA to target American citizens abroad with drone strikes without ever so much as filing a charge in court. He has instructed his DOJ to use discretion and avoid deporting criminals who are in this country illegally and when Americans were under fire in Benghazi, the Commander and Chief was caught sleeping on his way to a fundraiser.

He has abused his power by rewriting laws when he has no authority to do so and disregarding court orders when they don’t go his way. And to top it all off, he lied to the American people literally hundreds of times when he falsely and deliberately promised that under the so-called “Affordable” Care Act, Americans would be able to keep their insurance and doctors.

This list of Presidential crimes is not exhaustive, but it is clear that not only has Barrack Obama broken the law, but he is also attempting to cover it up! Obama knows his days are numbered! He knows that with all the congressional hearings looking into his crimes, it is only a matter of time before Congress gets up the courage to impeach him!

Tell Congress that the evidence is overwhelming and Barack Obama must be impeached!

You can tell that the writing is on the wall just by looking at who Obama has appointed as his new White House Chief Counsel. Obama has given the nod to W. Neil Eggleston. Now at first glance, this doesn’t mean anything… which explains why most media outlets haven’t caught up with this story yet.

W. Neil Eggleston makes his living defending politicians against criminal charges and going up against congressional investigations. That’s right, President Obama hired a criminal defense attorney as his Chief Counsel.

Which begs the question: Exactly what is Barack Hussein Obama so worried about? Which investigation or accusation does he believe is powerful enough to bring down his Presidency? It has to be something serious for the President to hire the top political criminal defense attorney as the White House Chief Counsel…

W. Neil Eggleston made a name for himself defending corrupt politicians against ethics complaints, criminal charges, and even constitutional challenges. Eggleston was one of the lawyers who defended Bill Clinton during the Whitewater scandal, which was an investigation into Bill and Hillary’s questionable investments into a failed business venture. Eggleston also defended President Clinton against numerous congressional investigations and lawsuits over the limit of Executive Power. He was hired by George W. Bush staffers to defend against congressional inquiries into the administration’s mass firing of employees. Essentially, W. Neil Eggleston is the guy that liberals call when scandals threaten to topple a regime. He is the guy that the Left calls on to cover its tracks and make sure that the crimes committed are never revealed to the American people.

The fact that Barack Obama chose a lawyer with extensive experience representing government officials in congressional and criminal investigations as his chief counsel should be enough to show that Congress is close to getting to the bottom of something HUGE!

Did the IRS targeting of conservative groups go all the way to the top of the White House? Did Barack Obama issue the stand-down order that left four brave Americans in Benghazi, Libya to die? Are more spy programs about to be leaked that show more of the Obama administration’s lawlessness? Is Congress finally going to find the backbone to put all of the pieces together and once and for all impeach this criminal occupying the Oval Office?

I pray to God that Congress impeaches this President. To allow this lawlessness and tyrannical expansion of Executive power to continue is a dangerous precedent to set and one that we simply cannot afford.

It is no coincidence that the President names a seasoned criminal defense attorney as White House Chief Counsel just as all of the evidence begins to trickle in proving the Obama administration’s complicity in these scandals. Obama realizes that his Presidency is teetering on the brink and he is determined to do everything possible to maintain power!

The Obama administration is preparing to mount a defense against all of the accusations levied against it. You can rest assured that the White House is doing everything in its power to hide documents, silence witnesses, and stonewall Congressional investigations!

If we wait any longer, it will be too late! Congress must impeach President Obama NOW! Not a few months from now after the Obama administration has been able to hide the evidence… he must be impeached NOW!

Tell Congress that the evidence is overwhelming and Barack Obama must be impeached!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily