Fellow Conservative,

Just days after successfully stopping gun control legislation from passing the Senate, we have just learned that Paul Ryan has given the green-light for a gun control vote in the House of Representatives as soon as Congress returns from the 4th of July recess.

You’re not supposed to now about this planned vote. It was being talked about behind closed doors. The GOP Establishment wanted to blindside you and I with a gun control vote before we could mobilize against them.

But some brave Congressman, who wants to remain nameless (you can understand why), let it slip that the GOP was getting ready to stab you in the back.

This legislation will include the “No Fly, No Buy” provision, giving the Federal government the power to suspend your 2nd Amendment rights without even charging you with a crime!

We knew that this gun control legislation wasn’t dead yet. We knew there would come a time when we would have to fight like hell to stop it from moving forward in the Senate. But never in my wildest dreams did I think that Paul Ryan would actually schedule votes in the House so quickly. He has surrendered in record time.

They’re trying to catch you sleeping. Don’t let them slip this through!

It’s official: Paul Ryan is sneaking the gun control bill through for a vote! FaxBlast and FORCE your Congressman and Senators to block any and all gun control bills from being pushed through!

The No Fly, No Buy provision is a complete slap in the face to liberty lovers everywhere.

It turns our entire judicial system on its head and allows the government to presume someone to be guilty until proven innocent.

Instead of having a court of law find someone guilty beyond a reasonable doubt before suspending their constitutional rights, this provision would allow the government to suspend your constitutional rights before even meeting the probable cause standard, the minimum amount of proof required to charge someone with a crime.

When you combine this with the Left’s push for a nationwide gun owner registry, you begin to see the gun grabbers’ end-game.

They want to know who has all the guns and then they want the police to have the power to take guns away from anyone, at any time, for any reason.

And Paul Ryan is giving them exactly what they want…

He’s teeing the ball up for the anti-gun Democrats and RINOs. It doesn’t really matter if the vast majority of Republicans vote against it.

If just 31 RINOs join the Democrats and vote for this bill, then it passes the House.

If just 6 more Republican Senators vote for the identical bill in the Senate, then the legislation is sent to Obama’s desk.

And with one stroke of Obama's pen, the anti-gun establishment will have succeeded in setting us down the path towards confiscation.

The only reason we know about this is because someone leaked the details of the backroom discussions. If not for this leak, we would have been completely blindsided when Ryan called the bill for a vote early next week.

Now, you know. With that knowledge comes a responsibility to do something about it.

Share this with your friends. Get them angry and involved in stopping this madness.

And for goodness sake, please FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND that Paul Ryan be blocked from bringing this unconstitutional gun control bill to a floor vote!

Stand and Fight!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily