Dear Conservative,

Every couple of weeks, like clockwork, we hear about an atheist group that is targeting a historical memorial because of its religious connotations. First, there was the lawsuit over a cross in the 9/11 museum at Ground Zero. Now, an atheist group is targeting a war memorial because of its religious significance!

The World War II memorial was erected by the Knights of Columbus at the Whitefish Mountain Ski Resort in Montana more than 60 years ago. Whereas other monuments or statues hint at a religious connection, this one couldn’t be any clearer. The six-foot tall Jesus statue is in honor of the Army veterans who served as ski patrols in the Alps of Italy.

Since the ski resort is technically on public land, the atheists claim that the existence of this monument violates the First Amendment’s establishment clause, amounting to a “permanent Catholic shrine on public land.” Supporters of the monument disagree, arguing that it is an important part of our past and a dedication to all those who gave their lives fighting for our country!

Tell Congress to STOP the atheists from removing religious monuments and memorials from public lands!

What began as a religious monument has, today, somewhat shifted to a local legend. The Jesus statue is routinely high-fived by skiers passing through and the statue is usually found dressed up for holidays. That isn’t stopping the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) from suing to have the monument removed.

One FFRF atheist remarked that he became physically ill and uncomfortable at the sight of the statue. The group remarks that its members avoid the statue whenever possible, choosing to hike and ski elsewhere.

Great! If you don’t like something, don’t go around it! Who honestly cares if this World War II memorial makes a handful of atheists upset?

We have become a society that walks on egg-shells, desperately afraid that we will offend someone to the point of them filing a lawsuit. The evolution of this is the fact that atheists are now suing over images that allegedly cause them physical pain.

When the monument came up for a permit renewal, the Forest Service renewed the permit because the monument had “historic” ties to the community and the development of the ski hill. The Atheist are arguing before the Liberal 9th Circuit Court that if this logic of legalized longstanding first amendment violations is allowed to stand, then there would be nothing stopping someone from arguing that segregation has historic protections.

Honestly? They are comparing a Jesus statue on a mountain in the middle of nowhere to institutionalized racism???

Our country’s history and heritage are under attack! People who believe that the First Amendment protects their freedom from religion are trying to infringe on your freedom of religion. As long as we allow this argumentation to continue, nothing will be safe.

What’s next? Are we going to see atheist groups suing churches over the crosses on their steeples, arguing that the bell towers technically extend into public airspace? Yes, that is ridiculous… But this is not beyond the realm of possibility.

It is time to take a stand. We must defend our history and our heritage from a select portion of the population who is disgusted with our Judeo-Christian past! The fact that these atheists go after war memorials shows just how out of touch they are!

These men and women fought and died to protect the right of atheists to not believe in God. How do these non-believers repay their debt of gratitude? By fighting to remove the monuments honoring the very soldiers who fought and died to protect that right!

We must put an end to this nonsense now! Congress must pass a law protecting religious imagery and put an end to this notion of “freedom from religion.” Our right to practice our faith outweighs their “right” not to be disgusted by our faith!

Tell Congress to STOP the atheists from removing religious monuments and memorials from public lands!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily