One police officer was shot and killed yesterday while exiting his squad car to answer a call in Georgia. A Milwaukee Police Officer was sent to the hospital after a protester hurled a brick through the window of his squad car and it hit him in the head.

All because Police Officers shot and killed another armed man... There were full blown riots in the streets of Milwaukee last night, with “protesters” setting fire to cars and local businesses.

There will be more incidents against police. There always are.

But what there won’t be are any extra resources or charges thrown at these assailants because they deliberately targeted police.

Because the law does not specifically protect police officers, Loretta Lynch and the Department of Justice refuse to treat these attacks as hate crimes. 

Our Police Officers deserve protection! FaxBlast Congress and FORCE them to pass the Blue Lives Matter Act and classify attacks targeting police officers as hate crimes!

This might not seem like a necessary change, but it is.

Right now, even if someone deliberately targets police officers and even if they target just white police officers, Obama’s Department of Justice refuses to treat these murders as hate crimes.

The classification determines how many resources are devoted to an investigation and, if a suspect is caught alive, determines how severe the punishment can be.

Currently, we have the Obama administration deliberately interpreting the law to limit how severely cop killers can be prosecuted. They have determined that people who try to kill police officers should not be charged with hate crimes.

It’s shameful and it comes from the top.

Remember at the Dallas memorial, when Barack Obama brought politics into the somber event and blamed a lack of gun control? Meanwhile, he praised the Black Lives Matter movement that catalyzed the hatred that caused these slayings.

Now, we have another police officer dead in Georgia and one sent to the hospital in Wisconsin and President Obama will undoubtedly (because he’s done it before) place the onus on the police officers themselves to change in order to stop people from killing them. It’s almost like he is saying the police have it coming…

It’s just so backwards…

This isn’t what we need right now. We do not need a President who mourns the loss of law enforcement and in the next breath, applauds the protest movement that chants “What do we want? Dead cops!” while marching through the streets.

Our police officers protect us. Sure, there are a few bad apples in the bunch. Every profession has them. But the vast majority of police officers are honorable and wake up in the morning with one goal: protecting the community.

They answered the call to protect us. Now it is time to return the favor and protect them!

It is open season on the American law enforcement officer and the administration blames police for instigating this. FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress pass the Blue Lives Matter Act to protect law enforcement officers!

I’m only going to say it once: All lives matter.

But right now, the law does not explicitly say that Blue lives matter and because police officers aren’t specifically mentioned within the statute as a protected class, Loretta Lynch is refusing to protect them and to prosecute their killers to the fullest extent of the law.

That has to change.

States shouldn’t have to change their laws to protect police officers. It should be a federal law. Luckily, 16 Congressmen have introduced the Blue Lives Matter Act, a bill that will reclassify targeted acts of violence against police as hate crimes.

This bill has to pass and they need YOUR help to make it happen!

The Obama administration is leaving Police Officers vulnerable and blaming them for people trying to kill them. FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND they pass the Blue Lives Matter Act and amend the law to make Police Officers a protected class!


Joe Otto
Conservative Daily