Dear Conservative,

Every now and then, I come across a story that just makes me shake my head in complete disgust.

A power plant in Oregon has been caught using aborted babies to fuel the electricity generators. That’s right, the Covanta Marion power plant in Brooks, Oregon has been using medical waste – including aborted and miscarried babies – to feed the incinerator and generate electricity for Oregon homes.

This is disgusting. No, this is more than disgusting… this is shameful! It is unacceptable for hospitals to be selling aborted fetuses to power plants and this must be stopped!

Tell Congress to STOP power plants from using aborted babies to fuel the generators!

Hospitals in British Columbia, Canada would sell their medical waste – containing aborted and miscarried babies – to an Oregon power plant in order to generate electricity for the Portland area. Somewhere along the line, a company got a permit to ship aborted fetuses across an international border into the United States for industrial purposes.

What is happening to us? We used to respect life, in all forms. We used to treat the unborn with the respect they deserve. We used to abhor death, whether it occurred inside the womb or out, and people would use abortion as a last resort. Today, an unborn child is seen as nothing but a fuel source. Think about that… There are enough aborted babies out there to warrant them being regularly bough and sold as a fuel source…

This isn’t just something that is going on in Oregon… Power plants have agreements like this in place all across the country and even the world. Earlier this year, news broke that a British hospital also incinerated more than 15,000 aborted babies in order to heat the building last year. There is no doubt in my mind that this is far more widespread than just a power plant in Oregon.

I find myself almost at a loss for words because I am completely bewildered by the fact that we live in a world where aborted children are bought and sold for industrial purposes. This should offend your conscience regardless of what side of the political spectrum you fall on. Making sure that aborted babies aren’t sold as a fuel source shouldn’t just be a Republican issue…

The amount of business associated with the abortion industry in this country is staggering. Some estimate that the abortion industry generates more than $500,000,000 a year. This entire industry has been built up around the notion of killing unborn children… So it is not surprising that these clinics would also want to make money on the back-end as well.

However, the fact that someone came up with the idea to use aborted babies as a fuel source should upset even the most ardent pro-abortion supporters.

I am ashamed that we, as a species, profit on the murders of the unborn. I am outraged over the fact that when I turn on the light switch, I now need to wonder whether the electricity service I use is being generated by incinerating the unborn…

But do you know what I am more embarrassed of? I am mortified that Congress continues to sit by while the abortion industry just grows and grows to the point that unborn children are being bought and sold.

I am not asking for every aborted and miscarried child to be given a full burial. However at the very least, we must force Congress to stop companies from buying and selling the unborn as if they were commodities!

Tell Congress to STOP power plants from using aborted babies to fuel the generators!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily