The House Needs To WORK! We Pay Our Representatives - No Speaker DOES NOT Mean NO WORK! 
The House of Representatives is presently in a limbo of inaction whilst they vote for a new speaker to take Kevin McCarthy's place. However, just because there is no speaker, should and does not mean that the work should cease, there are pressing issues in this country that demand immediate action. We pay our congressional members to WORK, and we will not settle for excuses or inaction. We must use our voice and demand that while Congress is voting for a speaker, that they continue to work as much as they can on the pressing issues in our country! 
Having no speaker for the House of Representatives has its consequences. The Constitution mentions the need for a speaker, but doesn’t say much more about their duties. However, the role of the speaker has grown to be a vast one: They call the House to order; they allow members of Congress to deliver remarks in one-minute floor speeches; they decide whether there’s a quorum to allow business to be conducted; they decide what bills get voted on; they appoint key House staff members, such as the parliamentarian and the historian. 
Case in point, they do quite a bit, and the role as stated by the Constitution is a needed one.
But herein lies the problem. 
Our country is currently facing problems that cannot wait. The open border and the invasion being let through, the persecution of the J6 patriots who are languishing in jail without a court date in sight, and let's not forget the Hunter Biden laptop or the Biden Crime Family. How about the elections and the fraudulent machines? The trillions of dollars of debt we are in, all while sending billions of dollars to foreign nations, the out of control inflation, fuel increasing in price, housing prices soaring? 
How much work there is to be done, things that need to be addressed NOW, worked on NOW, have plans developed NOW. And yet, the House, who receives a salary from OUR taxpayer dollars, who are employed by us, and therefore work FOR us, argue they cannot work until a speaker is elected. Absolutely NOT! These issues must be addressed, there is work to be done, work that cannot wait! The House must continue to conduct business - The House must continue to work with or without a speaker! 
In truth, much can be done while we are waiting for a speaker to be elected. While yes, legislation cannot be presented to the floor, legislation can be drafted, support can be garnered, discussions can happen. 
In addition, and most importantly, House committees can conduct business.
That means that the J6 committee can still work. 
The HLS committee can still conduct business. 
The United States House Oversight Committee, which is investigating the Biden family, CAN STILL conduct business. 
We need to use our voice and demand that, with or without a speaker, our Representatives continue to work and address the issues that our country is facing. We PAY them, so they better work hard! Congress, get to work! Continue to conduct business, these problems cannot wait, and we will NOT take no for an answer!