During yesterday's White House Press Briefing, Karine Jean-Pierre (KJP) was asked about the US response to the alleged sabotage of the Nord Stream Pipelines. She assured reporters that the US government was standing by to help in the investigation. When pressed on the US role in the investigation, KJP was, as always, "very clear":

REPORTER: "And then, just very quickly, you said yesterday that the U.S. was ready to assist in the investigation if needed.  As far as you know, is the U.S. providing any assistance in the investigation right now?  And what kinds of assistance would be most helpful from the U.S.?"

KJP: "So I don’t have any specifics to lay out for you at this time.  But again, as you know, as I’ve mentioned a few times just now, is that the investigation is underway.  And this is something that is of concern to us.

While the entire US media establishment rushed to blame Putin for the attacks, Tucker Carlson actually used some critical thinking.

"Progressive Twitter strongly endorsed this conclusion. Putin did it and that makes sense until you thought about it for just a moment. Vladimir Putin may be evil. They tell us that he is evil, but is he stupid? Probably isn't stupid and yet and, here's the strange part, if you were Vladimir Putin, you would have to be a suicidal moron to blow up your own energy pipeline. That's the one thing you would never do. Natural gas pipelines are the main source of your power and your wealth and most critically, your leverage over other countries. Europe needs your energy now more than ever with winter approaching. If you can't deliver that energy, then countries like Germany have no need to pay attention to what you want. You're in the middle of a war, an all hands-on deck war, so you need all the leverage you can get. Under these circumstances, there is no chance you would blow up Nord Stream 1 or 2. Not now, obviously. In fact, it's so obvious that even as our famously dim secretary of State, Tony Blinken, seemed to acknowledge it, sabotaging Nord Stream, he said today is 'clearly in no one's interest.'"

Naturally, the entire US media establishment then began attacking Tucker Carlson.

Now Swedish authorities have reportedly discovered a fourth leak in the part of the Nord Stream pipelines within Swedish waters. Swedish authorities also were the first to report the underwater explosions that preceeded the alleged leaks, as reported in Breitbart, and they are speculating that this fourth leak may have followed an explosion as well:

"Swedish seismologist Björn Lund has previously speculated that the previous leaks followed possible explosions and said the new leak may also have been the result of an explosion too. “It cannot be ruled out that this is the case. We will look in more detail at the measurement data. It could be another detonation or some kind of [reaction to] the other one,” he said.

The extent of the damage to the pipelines remains to be seen but  German security authorities have expressed concern that the pipelines may be damaged beyond economical repair forever if they are not quickly patched now as salt water from the sea would corrode the insides of the pipes."

News of the fourth leak comes as the Kremlin is referring to this as "acts of state-sponsored "terrorism," and calling on the US to be treated as a suspect.  

Is that why KJP doesn't have any specifics on the US role in the investigation?