BREAKING: Here We Go Again! New Fear Mongering Pandemic Before Elections - We Will NOT Comply!
The United States is ramping up for the 2024 election, happening in less than a year. Of course, we know that the Democrats and corrupt RINOS will use every tool in the tool box to prevent Donald Trump from winning the election. From stolen elections, to brand new engineered pandemics, they will try everything to steal the election. Now we are seeing a revival of several different “highly” contagious illnesses popping up all over the world, receiving significant media hysteria. Congress needs to know that the people of America will not suffer through another unconstitutional lockdown due to a pandemic that is clearly engineered — we will NOT comply! 
Sudden severe illnesses are popping up all over the globe, from the first-ever human case of a new strain of swine flu in the UK, to a surging “mystery respiratory illness,” causing pneumonia in China, to filoviruses like Ebola and Marburg, SARS, and Nipah virus. 
Believe it or not, there's more. This year, China has reported multiple human cases of various avian flu strains, including H3N8, H5N1, H5N6 and H9N2. 
The outbreak that has received the most media hysteria is the “mystery respiratory illness” and avian flu strains in China. News outlets, WHO, and the CDC, are already planting seeds of how these “two” specific outbreaks, the avian flu and the “mystery”  respiratory virus may “increase” the potential for a new pandemic. 
Back in August, Trump released a statement regarding the fearmongering of these new variants and illnesses, and pointed to the obvious connection with the pandemics and election fraud, namely mail-in voting. 
We know that the past pandemic was used to steal the election from Donald Trump back in 2020, and we know that the Democrats, and those who want to destroy our Republic will do anything to steal the 2024 election once again, including attempting to reimplement draconian lockdown and pandemic procedures (eyeing WHO’s Pandemic Treaty). 
Congress needs to get it through their heads that we will NEVER COMPLY! Congress must not, in the face of any “mystery” engineered virus, strip us of our rights and lock us down – They must UPHOLD their OATH and defend the Constitution. No virus, no fearmongering, no media hysteria, or engineered pandemic will ever stop the American people from fighting for our Republic! We will take our country back! We will NOT Comply! Know your Oath, Congress, stand on the right side of history!