BREAKING: FDA Approves Medical Research WITHOUT Informed Consent! Nuremberg 2.0!
In late December 2023, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) dropped a bombshell by issuing a final rule amending its regulations tied to the 21st Century Cures Act. Brace yourself – this rule now greenlights medical research without bothering to secure informed consent. Yes, you read that right. Our own government agency, the FDA, has given the green signal for medical research to bulldoze ahead without bothering to get the explicit consent of individuals. From our electoral system to our health, it seems like our government is hell-bent on systematically stripping away our right to provide informed consent through sneaky moves like this. Enough is enough! It's high time Congress steps in and demands the FDA to yank back this outrageous amendment to the Cures Act. According to both the Nuremberg Code and our constitution, we damn well have the right to consent. It's not just about standing up for our rights; it's about shouting from the rooftops!
The Cures Act, a so-called bipartisan legislation claiming to enhance choice and access for patients and providers, conveniently includes provisions to speed up drug and medical device development, fast-track research into serious illnesses, tackle the opioid crisis, and supposedly improve mental health services.
The recent amendment to the Cures Act tries to justify an exception from the informed consent requirement for clinical investigations posing no more than "minimal risk" to the human subject, with some vague assurances of safeguards. Translation: the institutional review board (IRB) can play fast and loose with certain informed consent elements under specific conditions for FDA-regulated minimal risk clinical investigations.
But here's the kicker – what the heck defines "minimal risk"? Take the COVID-19 vaccine, for instance. Spun as a miracle cure developed in record time, it brought along a laundry list of serious health risks, including myocarditis, pericarditis, blood clots, hormonal disruptions, autoimmune diseases out of nowhere, and neurological problems. And yet, they had the audacity to call it "minimal risk."
Fast forward to January 22nd, 2024, you can now become an unwitting victim of medical research that you didn't even know about, let alone consent to – all as long as it supposedly poses minimal risk. And let's not forget, they deemed the COVID-19 vaccinations as 'minimal risk,' jabs that are causing havoc and taking lives.
As the World Economic Forum (WEF), World Health Organization (WHO), and other UN officials gather at the WEF assembly, one of their main talking points is "Disease X" – a conveniently unidentified and highly contagious disease with a sky-high mortality rate. Surprise, surprise – it conveniently calls for WHO's pandemic treaty and, you guessed it, the development of MORE so-called minimal risk vaccines, that they might just be able to give you without your consent...
It's crystal clear what's happening – a blatant assault on our right to consent and an unabashed stripping away of our rights. The FDA's green light for medical research without informed consent is a slap in the face of the Nuremberg code and our rights as United States citizens. We, the people, demand that Congress not just defend these rights, but roar in the face of the FDA, demanding an immediate recall of their absurd amendment to the Cures Act. It's time to break free from the WHO, restore integrity, demand informed consent, and reclaim liberty for our nation!