In a further attempt at centralizing federal power, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are pushing for Biden to implement the Defense Production Act. 

The Defense Production Act establishes a system to prioritize the allocation of resources, and the production of materials and facilities during times of war.

Legislators on both sides are making the argument for the implementation of extreme measures to ensure fuel and energy related production operate stably during times of geopolitical disruptions.

What this actually means is that the President will have unilateral control over our energy policy! 

The importance of stopping their agenda cannot be ignored. We must tell Congress to use other measures to regain our energy independence!

Once the regime and the radical components of Congress seize control over our energy infrastructure, they will never relinquish their power!

Lawmakers are eager to sell the Defense Production Act as a means to reel in soaring fuel prices but their actual intentions are much different. 

Many Democrats are calling for the act to be used as a tool to accelerate green energy policies including massive financial earmarks for battery development, electric vehicle charging stations, and other clean energy technologies!

Spending trillions on new, untested initiatives will not help us! This is just another way for the political elites in Washington enrich themselves, control our lives, and skyrocket our cost of living. 

Mark my words, the Defense Production Act is a Trojan horse for the Green New Deal, all at a time when our economy is on the brink! If given ultimate power over our energy infrastructure the establishment will destroy the American economy even further and make us slaves to Federal authority.

Tell Congress NOW to open our domestic pipelines and use our taxpayer money to ensure domestic energy independence!