RELEASE ASSANGE! Wikileaks Anniversary - DEMAND Congress Drop Charges Against Julian Assange!
Readers, a few weeks ago we touched on Julian Assange, a crusader of free speech, genuine journalism, and the man behind Wikileaks. We revisit this topic because 2 days ago, October 4th, was the 17th anniversary of Wikileaks being created. Wikileaks, a site created by Julian Assange, published true journalism that would help to wake many people up and bring awareness to the corrupt doings of our government. Assange must be LIBERATED from his prison sentence, Congress must drop his charges and FREE him!
 Presently, he is imprisoned in Belmarsh, UK due to 18 charges from the US tied to exposing US government files. 
Because of these charges, the US wants to extradite him. The thing is – this persecution of Assange sets a dangerous precedent and threatens to undermine America’s First Amendment and the freedom of the press. Assange is a beacon of free speech, and for that the charges must be dropped! He should walk as a free man!
 Assange's relentless pursuit by the US endangers media freedom, investigative journalism, and the public's right to information, challenging the nation's fundamental values.
This sets a dangerous precedent for journalism and free speech, allowing global media targeting for divulging crucial public-interest information. To accept the persecution of Julian Assange is to accept the idea that all media everywhere must function as propaganda organs of the U.S. government, he must be freed!
Good journalism is allowed to be critical, it's allowed to be inconvenient, it's allowed to be controversial, it's allowed to criticize governments, and no one, especially under the protection of the first amendment, should be imprisoned for exercising their freedom of speech and telling the truth! 
I can say confidently, thank you, Julian Assange, thank you for opening the eyes of so many. Until Assange is free, we must fight for him, and for the freedom of speech of those all around us! 
The American People demand that the United States government drop all charges against Julian Assange, and let him return to his family, as a FREE man. The United States was built on the principles of free speech, including free press for all mankind, these rights are undeniable and god-given. Liberate Assange!