Fellow Conservative,

Obama did it… he actually went through with it. He put his Iran nuclear agreement up for a vote in the UN Security Council and they voted unanimously to start implementing it at the international level. This is already being called "Capitulation Monday."

That means that the United Nations can begin moving towards removing sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

This is impeachable. This is 100% impeachable.

When asked why the administration was putting the deal to a vote at the UN before going through Congress, John Kerry replied that it would be “presumptuous” to assume that a congressional vote would mean anything at the UN.

Presumptuous? No, sir… it is “presumptuous” to have our Ambassador vote to support a nuclear agreement that Congress hasn’t even authorized yet!

Obama has gone too far! Demand that Congress hold an immediate vote on H. Res. 367 to dismantle Obama’s suicidal nuclear agreement!

I’m telling you, this is the same sly tactics that the administration used to get the UN Arms Treaty pushed through. They don’t care whether Congress ratifies treaties or international agreements… the administration is going to back it anyway. Impeachment needs to be a top priority for this Congress. But even before that, we need to stop this horrible nuclear deal from going through!

Meanwhile, the Iranian parliament has promised to reject any deal unless it gives Iran immediate access to intercontinental ballistic missile technology and permission to buy conventional weapons from international arms dealers.

Barack Obama and John Kerry are going around the world pushing to implement this treaty as soon as possible even though the Iranians are starting to edit it.

The Iranian regime wants unfettered access to ballistic missiles capable of hitting the United States mainland. The only purpose for these types of missiles is to deliver a nuclear payload.

And here is the real kicker, something the media isn’t really talking about: part of the agreement states that we will help Iran fortify its nuclear facilities against attacks. No, that’s not a joke…

Annex III of nuclear agreement explains that the United States must provide “co-operation in the form of training courses and workshops to strengthen Iran’s ability to prevent, protect and respond to nuclear security threats to nuclear facilities and systems as well as to enable effective and sustainable nuclear security and physical protection systems…”

So let’s get this straight: The Obama administration has caved to Iran gaining access to intercontinental ballistic missiles designed to deploy nuclear weapons and now the United States is going to help teach Iran how to defend against attacks to its nuclear facilities? Unbelievable.

No more capitulation! Tell Congress to vote NO on Obama’s dangerous and naïve nuclear agreement with Iran!

This is an absolutely horrible deal. Yet, Obama is moving full steam ahead to beat Congress to the punch and get the agreement solidified before Congress can dismantle it.

Luckily, more than two-thirds of all House Republicans have signed on as co-sponsors for the resolution voting against Obama’s Iran agreement. House Resolution 367 would halt Obama’s suicidal nuclear deal in its tracks. It is time to force a vote in Congress NOW before Obama gets any more chances to circumvent the will of the people!

Barack Obama pushed the Iran deal through the UN and Congress hasn’t done a thing to stop him yet.

You need to rise up and DEMAND that Congress put a stop to this once and for all!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily