URGENT: HEY CONGRESS! Demand for the Impeachment of President Biden!
This investigation, which has been painfully drawn out, has undeniably laid the foundation for a robust impeachment inquiry.
Garret Ventry sums up the foundation for impeachment, perfectly:
Whistleblower Devon Archer has testified that Joe Biden was the figurehead being peddled to foreign businesses – he was frequently put on speakerphone with them MULTIPLE times.
Joe lied about his knowledge of Hunter Biden's business dealings, including receiving money from China, which we know is untrue; he was aware of it.
Bank records demonstrate that Biden Family members and associates received millions from foreign countries, all funneled through other companies to evade taxes.
Joe Biden was in possession of classified documents related to Ukraine.
And if it couldn't get any more damning, FBI sources have alleged Joe Biden's involvement in a bribery scheme. I also find it important to mention that the FBI has been removing information they label as disinformation about the Hunter Biden case from the internet. All these connections to Biden are quite damning and strongly suggest corruption and an abuse of power.
But no! Congress has dragged its feet on this impeachment! In fact, they've done next to nothing. It wasn't until Matt Gaetz took the stage and called out McCarthy for his inaction that McCarthy finally decided to formally order an impeachment inquiry.
We've known this information for months, identified the corrupt actions Biden has taken, and have evidence of Hunter Biden's dealings in foreign countries. And only NOW, after being threatened, does McCarthy do ANYTHING.
Let me tell you what this is – this is infiltration, this is intentional, this is a way for our congressional members to pretend they're doing something, make empty promises to the people, tell us, "Hey, we're working hard on impeaching Biden," and then they turn around and DO NOTHING. Why? Because they all answer to the same master, they are all controlled by the same puppeteer.
In short – impeach Biden. The longer Congress procrastinates, the more glaring their corruption becomes. They don't care about doing what's right; they care about pleasing their masters, putting on a façade of productivity, distracting us, and once they're caught, using some excuse to avoid facing any consequences.
Congress, do your job! Uphold your oath, protect our nation from corruption! Investigate Biden, or better yet, impeach the man! Given the overwhelming evidence against him, this shouldn't be taking so damn long. You have failed – you've failed the people, the Constitution, our government. The more you drag your feet on impeaching Biden, the more evident it becomes that you are corrupt, and you stand with HIM, not the PEOPLE! We DEMAND that you expedite this impeachment inquiry!