IMPEACH Joe Biden for His Crimes against The United States of America
Biden & the DOJ & FBI
One of Joe Biden's first alleged acts of corruption and an impeachable offense is how he has allegedly interfered with Hunter Biden's investigation through the DOJ and the FBI. According to whistleblower Gary Shapley, the DOJ has been very slow to act regarding the proceedings of this case, stymied efforts to obtain subpoenas and search warrants, and repeatedly blocked prosecutors from filing felony charges.
Biden's reign of corruption and cover-ups did not end with the DOJ. He allegedly used the full force of the FBI to remove posts on social media regarding the Hunter Biden investigation, going all the way back to 2021. Emails from Facebook employees leaked, allegedly stating that they were facing pressure from the White House to remove posts regarding Hunter Biden. During a recent congressional hearing, FBI Director Christopher Wray was asked about the removal of posts on social media, and his response was that the "FBI did not suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story on social media but merely dealt with disinformation." However, this claim has been proven false as shown in a recently released FOIA request document.
It is disgusting to think that Biden has allegedly infiltrated both the DOJ and the FBI to carry out his agenda. The DOJ has worked tirelessly to protect Hunter Biden during his criminal investigation, making it nearly impossible to charge him equally in the eyes of the law for his crimes. Additionally, Biden has allegedly used the FBI to do damage control on social media during the criminal investigation, actively undermining the First Amendment and failing to uphold the Constitution.
Biden’s Suspicious Plea Deal 
This Wednesday, Hunter Biden’s plea deal was examined in court, and a shocking revelation came from it. Initially, Hunter Biden's plea deal stated that he would need to "sign a probation-only agreement, plead guilty to two tax misdemeanors, and enter a diversion program for a felony charge of possessing a firearm while addicted to crack cocaine." Additionally, he would also need to get a job, remain sober, submit to drug tests, be fingerprinted by the FBI, and refrain from committing other crimes.
Upon reviewing the plea deal, Judge Maryellen Noreika found that Hunter Biden's plea deal left open the possibility of "prosecution for any future conduct" by the president's son, ensuring that potential violations of foreign lobbying laws and money laundering would remain uncharged.
Under its terms, Hunter would serve two years on probation for the tax crimes.
Sneaky, sneaky DOJ. Unfortunately for them and the Bidens they serve, Judge Noreika, who questioned the plea deal, has since placed the decision on whether or not it will be accepted on hold.
Is it far-fetched to assume that the DOJ, working under Joe Biden and allegedly helping his son, might be corrupted? Is it possible that Joe Biden is interfering with the Hunter Biden investigation through the DOJ? Can we ignore the fact that more and more information is coming forward about the FBI suppressing information about the Hunter Biden investigation on social media under the grounds of "disinformation," potentially tied to Joe Biden?
All information points to President Joe Biden. He is allegedly interfering with a criminal investigation! He is allegedly undermining the First Amendment through censorship! And he and his associates are now facing consequences for their actions!
Biden, Burisma & the Commies 
Hunter Biden contradicted his father, Joe Biden, during a hearing with Judge Noreika, admitting to receiving a payment of $664k from a company backed by the Chinese Communist Party.
This news coincides with Rep. James Comer's disclosure about the Biden family's use of shell companies to deceive the IRS with Chinese wire transfers. During the 2020 debates, Joe Biden denied that his family had ever received money from China, but Hunter's recent admission proves otherwise.
In a separate interview with Sen. Ted Cruz, Comer revealed how the Biden family utilized shell companies to handle a $3M payment from China to Biden's business partner, Rob Walker. Cruz questioned if the Chinese Communist government directly sent the money, to which Comer affirmed, stating that instead of wiring the money to Hunter Biden if his dealings were legitimate, they funneled it through a series of companies, including Robinson Walker, Owasco, and Bohai, which served as mere conduits for the funds, resembling organized crime tactics.
The information provided by Comer raises serious concerns about the Biden family's financial dealings and the use of shell companies to obscure the source of funds.
These allegations on their own should raise questions!