IMPEACH Biden's Conniving, Incompetent Dogs: Attorney General Merrick Garland
Instead of using the full force of the law to prosecute Hunter Biden based on the crimes he has committed, and based on the recommendations of the IRS whistleblowers for his tax crimes, he has received an unusually lenient plea deal that has raised concerns about unequal consequences for breaching tax laws.
During his testimony, whistleblower Shapley stated, "Justice Department officials slow-walked the criminal probe into Hunter Biden’s tax issues, stymied their efforts to obtain subpoenas and search warrants, and repeatedly blocked prosecutors from filing felony charges."
The whistleblowers also alleged that "U.S. Attorney Weiss stated that he subsequently asked for special counsel authority from the Main DOJ at that time and was denied that authority." This statement contradicts Merrick Garland's testimony, where he claims "The only person with authority to make somebody a special counsel or refuse to make somebody a special counsel is the attorney general," he said, and "Mr. Weiss never made that request to me."
Consider the gravity of these allegations: whistleblowers have come forward stating that the DOJ obstructed criminal probes into Hunter Biden's tax issues, hampered efforts to obtain subpoenas and warrants, and blocked prosecutors from filing felony charges. And then, suddenly, Hunter Biden was granted a "sweetheart" plea deal that demonstrated an unequal enforcement of tax law. It is not unreasonable to suspect that there might be more at play here. Could this be a cover-up to protect the son of the current United States President? Why are some colleagues able to wield their power unequally in the application of the law? This situation is a mockery of our justice system, our government, and our Constitution.
If these allegations are substantiated, and the DOJ, along with the FBI and IRS, are found to have colluded to impede investigations into the Hunter Biden case, all individuals involved, particularly Merrick Garland, should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for obstructing criminal investigations. As an elected official, it is imperative that you use your voice and power to demand that any further investigations into the Hunter Biden case adhere to proper guidelines, documentation, and that he is prosecuted for his crimes just as anyone else would be for the same offenses.
This Wednesday, Hunter Biden's sweetheart plea deal was revoked, allowing him to be charged not only for his tax crimes but also for other evidence found on his laptop. This is a critical moment for both the people and our congressional members to be vigilant. There are allegations that the DOJ has been working tirelessly to protect the Biden family, along with the FBI and possibly the IRS. They may attempt once again to obstruct justice by dragging their feet, blocking subpoenas, warrants, and prosecutors from fully enforcing the law. These treasonous, colluding individuals must be investigated and, at the very least, removed from the Hunter Biden case before it's too late.