The Hammer and the Scicle: Obama and Pelosi’s Socialist plan to ignore the Supreme Court and shove Obamacare down our throats!!

On March 23, 2010, President Barack Hussein Obama signed into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, best known as “Obamacare”.  From the moment that this legislation was first introduced in Congress, it was clear that it could not escape judicial scrutiny.

Yet on Thursday, with the United States Supreme Court poised to strike down the health care bill, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi once again opened her big mouth and claimed that Obamacare was constitutionally “ironclad” and that she “understands the Constitution”.

I am not sure on what legal credentials Nancy rests her expertise; she does not possess a law degree nor does she have any education beyond the undergraduate level.  I guess she must be basing her expertise on 35 years in Congress where her freedom-killing legislation is legendary.  Pelosi will say and do anything to provide Obama cover for their Socialist advances in our capitalist country.

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How much does Nancy Pelosi hate freedom and constitutional principles?  In April she announced she supported creating a Constitutional Amendment to curtail POLITICAL free speech!!!  She wants to silence United States citizens so that she and Obama might finalize their destructive Marxist plans for OUR country.

What is truly troubling are the reports that Obama and Pelosi will attempt to revive Obamacare even after it is struck down by the Supreme Court!  While speaking at a private fundraiser earlier this week, Obama stated that he intends to use his second term to re-legislate Obamacare in the event it is struck down by the Supreme Court.  These dangerous Bolsheviks will not quit until they have created a Communist society strictly under their control!

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So why is Obamacare so constitutionally dubious?  Here’s the down and dirty: the legislation carries with it a clause called the “Individual Mandate”; this mandate requires that everyone living in the United States purchase health insurance.  The problem is that such a requirement is beyond the scope of the powers given to the Federal government by the Constitution.

The Founding Fathers, after living under King George’s monarchy, feared unfettered, centralized power in the hands of the Executive branch.  Acting with seemingly prescient wisdom, the Framers spelled out the Federal powers in what is called the “Enumeration Clause” of the Constitution; if the power is not explicitly created in the clause, it is reserved for the states or for individuals themselves.

Obama and Pelosi argue that the Commerce and Dormant Commerce Clause allow the Federal government to impose this unconstitutional law on citizens; they believe the aggregate impact of each individual’s personal choice allows the Federal government to legislatively deconstruct your freedomThe Supreme Court has NEVER allowed such an expansion of Federal powers.  Indeed, such an expansion would IMMEDIATELY end the democracy that we currently enjoy and would usher in a Socialist autocracy!! 

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To Pelosi, the Constitution is just an old piece of paper that holds back her ambition; it is a road block to her extremist ideology and Marxist agenda.  Obamacare is near perfect legislation in her eyes; it greatly reduces individual freedoms, enhances Obama’s Executive power to a level on par with that of third world dictatorships, and cuts off another branch from the tree of freedom we call the Constitution.

Of course, Obama and Pelosi will blame the Supreme Court and its current roster of judges when Obamacare is defeated; Nancy and Barry have already laid the groundwork for their blame game.  On Thursday, Pelosi said “So, that’s where my confidence springs from, the merit of the bill and the nature of the Constitution. The makeup of the court, well, we’ll see”.

Apparently, Pelosi is only in favor of judicial review only when SHE can handpick the judges.  Again, her failure to understand basic fundamentals of the Constitution is bewildering as are her acrimonious attitudes towards individual freedom in the United States.

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Pelosi simply cannot hide her hatred of the Constitution.  When asked whether or not she believed Obamacare was constitutional, the former Speaker of the House derisively stated “Are you serious?” and refused to answer the reporter’s question.  She then wrote a press release, adding “That is not a serious question. That is not a serious question.”

Nancy, the Supreme Court of the United States thinks it is a “serious question”, the legal community thinks it is a “serious question”, and most importantly, the public thinks it is a “serious question”!   Perhaps your understanding of the Constitution is not as ironclad as you once thought; otherwise, you too would know that it is a “serious question”.

We have had enough of Pelosi’s dismissive and derisive attitude towards the Constitution and citizens of the United States.  She treats the public as her subjects; and after watching how she tramples the Constitution, that is EXACTLY what she wants us to be: SUBJECTS behind an iron curtain of liberal tyranny.



CLICK HERE to DEMAND that Congress REBUKE any attempt to RE-LEGISLATE Obamacare!!!