obamacareafterdieDear Conservative,

We all remember when Nancy Pelosi said that Congress needed to pass the Affordable Care Act in order to find out what's in it. Well, we just found another little socialist nugget.

Benjamin Franklin famously said that only three things are guaranteed in life: Birth, Death, and Taxes. Well thanks to Obamacare, we can add a fourth... Estate Recovery.

Deep within the thousands of pages of law and regulations for the Affordable Care Act is a hidden provision that allows the government to take control of YOUR estate after you pass away in order to pay for any medical bills that the government covered while you were alive.

For those of us receiving private insurance, God help us if the Democrats are able to eventually achieve their goal of a single-payer healthcare system. If the Government is able to claim they paid for ANY of your healthcare, they’ll come for their payment when you are gone and can’t fight them. However for the millions of people being duped today into signing up for Medicare and Medicaid, this gives the government free reign to raid the estates of poor and middle class Americans after they die.

Let me paint the picture for you: You work hard in your life, paying into Social Security and Medicare in the hopes that if you need it down the line, it will be there for you. With the individual mandate requiring you to have health insurance, perhaps you sign up for Medicare or Medicaid as a free alternative.

Well, nothing is free in this world. And thanks to the Affordable Care Act, the government will get its pound of flesh, one way or another. The effect is two-fold. Not only will the government be able to tax your estate after you pass away, but this also allows them to redistribute YOUR wealth!

Tell Congress to PUT AN END to this scheme to redistribute YOUR hard-earned wealth!

That has always been the logic behind the Death/Inheritance Tax. The government wants to suppress familial upward-mobility and to spread the wealth around to those who are less fortunate. The government wants to be able to pick and choose who advances and who doesn’t and if you’ve been successful over the course of your life, unfortunately your family is going to be on the losing end.

But suppose you aren’t that wealthy and don’t have a large estate for the government to raid when you pass away… Surely you won’t be affected by this, right? WRONG!

This estate recovery provision within the law allows the government to come after your family to pay your Medicare/Medicaid bills after you pass away, regardless of whether they can afford to pay or not.

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In one 2009 case, an elderly woman was forced to rely on Medicaid when she realized she couldn’t afford the nursing-home care that she needed. Since she qualified for Medicaid, she figured that she would be covered. Well, after she passed away, her three sons received a bill from the Government for $171,386 to cover their mother’s medical bills. Since they couldn’t afford to pay, a lien was placed on the family farm.

This is the real face of “free” government healthcare. The individual mandate within Obamacare requires that all Americans possess health insurance. Since the law actually increases healthcare premiums and deductibles, many Americans are turning to Medicare and Medicaid as a “free” alternative. As we revealed earlier this week, the vast majority of Obamacare enrollees are in fact choosing Medicare or Medicaid over the expensive private options. And the Democrats are celebrating all of these new opportunities to spread the wealth around!

Tell Congress to PUT AN END to this scheme to redistribute YOUR hard earned wealth!

Since the beginning of October, over 800,000 people have enrolled in Medicare and Medicaid thanks to Obamacare’s individual mandate. That’s more than double the number of people who have signed up for paid insurance through the federal and state healthcare exchanges. When all is said and done, we can still expect that far more people will enroll in these “free” government programs instead of paying through the nose for other sub-standard programs sold through the health insurance marketplace.

There’s a reason that Obama has been pushing for states to promote Medicare/Medicaid. Not only will it force people to become dependent on Big Government for their survival, but it provides the government with millions of new estates to raid when enrollees pass away. That’s millions of new opportunities to redistribute the wealth and steal your family’s inheritance!

Pelosi and the Democrats told us that when we read what was in the Affordable Care Act, we would like what we saw. Well, be honest…

Do you like the idea of the government using healthcare costs as an excuse to tax your estate after you pass away?

Do you like that the government will rob your children of their inheritance?

Do you like that government bureaucrats will seize your hard earned wealth and redistribute it to who they think is more deserving?

You deserve to be angry! But your anger accomplishes nothing unless you tell Congress just how angry you are!

You’ve worked hard for everything you have. Don’t just sit by and watch as the Government tries to take that away from you and your family to give it to someone “more deserving.”

Tell Congress that you won’t tolerate their scheme to use Obamacare to redistribute YOUR hard earned wealth!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily