Dear Conservative,

Enroll America’s website says that it is “a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to maximize the number of uninsured Americans who enroll in health coverage made available by the Affordable Care Act.”  

If Enroll America is nonpartisan, then why are they involved in political activity?

The technical issues of the website are just one part of the picture. Abuse and Fraud is another. Think that just won’t happen? Guess again. Already a Texas-based Enroll America official with “personal ambition” and was willing to break the law to help someone he thought was a Democrat comrade.

James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas confirmed the fraud in an undercover video divulging highly dubious “cross-pollination” between Enroll America and the Texas Democratic Party officials.

This Enroll America Director was willing to release and share your private information for the sake of the Democrat Party!

Is he the only one willing to steal your data for the sake of the Democrat Party? I think not. We will not know who has access or what they do with our private and personal healthcare information! You know there is more fraud and deceit to come…

Urge Congress to stop this REDISTRIBUTION scheme putting our private and very personal information at risk.

Congress: DELAY AND REPEAL Obamcare!

Chris Tarango, the Texas Enroll America Communications Director, even went as far as to say he would “Do whatever it f****** takes.”

The navigators don’t enter information directly into the website exchange system. Unsuspecting Americans needing help fill out a written form with personal data on a “commitment card” saying they pledge to go to the Website Exchanges and search for information and plans that work for them.  This form and the personal information are then passed onto Obamacare navigators who are supposed to enter data and enroll people in the exchanges.

Enroll America told a reporter for the National Review Online, “Their contact info and insurance status are added to our database, and may be shared with partners working on enrollment efforts in that consumer’s community.”

They went on to say, “We do not share any data with any 501(c)(4) or other political organizations or candidates.”

But Project Veritas’s investigator posed as the president of a fake 501(c)(4) political-action committee and what do you think they found? You guessed it. They caught the Texas communications director collaborating about sharing the data to help a Democratic candidate for an upcoming Texas race!

FAX CONGRESS: Insist Congress DELAY AND REPEAL Obamacare!

Where is your personal data going? We might never know with this too big, too expensive and too complicated policy being forced upon Americans.


The Communications Director went on, “Enroll America being that it’s a state leadership role and being the sensitivity with the 501(c)(3) status, this conversation never happened.”

This Website isn’t at all like Vegas! What happens in Obamacare doesn’t stay in the Website! 

We won’t know who is sharing our information and we won’t know what they are doing with it until it is too late!

And what does Enroll America say about this? “We’re reviewing those statements, and will take appropriate action.” Appropriate action? Like the action the government took on the IRS intimidation cases? The targeting and intimidation are still happening to conservatives – no one was fired and nothing changed!

But wait! Did you hear secretary Kathleen Sebelius admit during the Senate Finance Committee hearing that convicted felons could be hired as navigators?!

Indeed, convicted felons could be reading your personal information! There is NO FEDERAL REQUIRMENT FOR NAVIGATORS TO UNDERGO A CRIMANAL BACKGROUND CHECK!

Now, what do you think felons would want with your private information like your Social Security number?

First we learned that the Obamacare security testing was rushed and not completed properly. Then we learned that convicted felons can be navigators. Now we know the Obamacare Website isn’t safe, it’s not secure and can’t be trusted!

The White House says the Website will be fixed and without glitches by November 30, 2013. Are you a betting person?

We must urge Congress to stop this REDISTRIBUTION scheme that puts our private and personal information at risk, takes down our free-market economy and ruins our health!



Joe Otto