Finally, we have something in common (kind of) with Barack Obama. He wants Obamacare gone before the election. We want it gone, too: permanently.

The news about Obamacare couldn’t be worse. In the wake of Barack Obama’s announcement that he would throw individuals under the bus but allow big businesses to delay providing health insurance to employees, the IRS got snagged up in another “oops.” It turns out, they exposed as many as 100,000 social security numbers online. The numbers were up for almost 24 hours, then taken down. The same same organization that cannot keep a lid on the most important number an American citizen will ever have is going to protect medical-related data on these same citizens.

That’s funny.

We know why Obama relaxed employer requirements. Next year is an election year. If Obama wants to factor in election season to this fight (like he factored in Benghazi, and the U.N. Small Arms Treaty, and every other calculated decision he has made in order to keep himself and Democrats in power), let him do it. Give him a fight. Hit Congress where it hurts, in the voting booth. Persuade them to defund, repeal, and kick the IRS out of it. We cannot wait, the consequences are too horrible.

Fax Congress Now!

Obamacare is already in the process of bankrupting America. It is going to destroy our healthcare system, raise premiums and give the government control over your life and death decisions. Those are only the initial symptoms of this terrible virus. One would think it couldn’t get any worse, and then you remember, oh…the IRS is in charge of enforcing it.

They are in charge: the same agency that targeted conservatives; the same agency that can’t protect the most personal information it is in charge of. Maybe you haven’t truly lived until the IRS has used your healthcare files against you.

THE BAD NEWS ABOUT OBAMACARE IS EVERYWHERE, and even Democrats are abandoning it. Your taxes and premiums are going up, your deductions are going down, and healthcare workers are fleeing the field like there is a fire. “Train wreck” has been used many times to describe the law, and that seems generous at the moment.

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Don’t think repeal is out of the question. If the administration stands so firmly behind the concept of Obamacare, why are they delaying provisions? Why are they spending millions on public relations and propaganda to sell the law to the American people? Why are unions and Democrats bailing?

Obamacare is a high value target. We can defeat it. Members of Congress must be put on notice: Obamacare is terrible for America, we are committed to fighting it, and we will hold them accountable for their actions relating to it.

Fax Congress Now!


Tony Adkins

Conservative Daily