Dear Conservative,

The Obama administration has been caught lying about Obamacare once again! This time, the administration was caught lying about the number of people who have enrolled in the President’s train-wreck healthcare legislation.

The lap-dog media is more than willing to spread the Obama administration’s propaganda and lies. The administration has claimed that 2.2 million people have “enrolled” in Obamacare so far, a statistic that the liberals in the media have applauded. However on close examination, we have found that the number of “enrolled” individuals only describes those who placed an insurance plan in their shopping carts.

Many people have accused the Obama administration of deliberately misleading the American people with this false statistic. If this really was to mask the truth about the abysmal Obamacare enrollment numbers, that would make sense. But, as it turns out, the Obama administration is guilty of an even bigger deception: It has absolutely NO way of determining how many people have actually paid for Obamacare!

That’s right… a deputy administrator for the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services has confirmed that despite the almost $700 Billion spent on, no one bothered to create a system to counting the number of people who sign up on the site!

Is this incompetence? It sure is possible… But what if this was deliberate? If there’s no way of telling the true enrollment numbers, then there’s also no way to gauge how big of a failure Obamacare really is!

The Democrats want to keep the enrollment numbers inaccessible to stymie our efforts to repeal the law! But we can see through this! We see Obamacare for the failure that it is!

Tell Congress the time has come to cut its losses and REPEAL Obamacare!

The Obama administration’s claim of 2.2 million enrollments is completely bogus! So far, 2,153,421 people have created an account and put an insurance plan in their shopping cart, but how many people actually paid for it?

We have no idea, and we likely never will! Why would the administration lie to the American people about total enrollment numbers when it knows that number is inaccessible?

Anyone would agree that the number-one way to measure Obamacare’s effectiveness would be to count the number of people who actually paid into the program, not just those who created a username and clicked on a specific plan. But remember: chances are if something is common-sense, you can bet that the Obama administration will do exactly the opposite!

The Obama administration hasn’t figured out a way to count how many people use to sign up for private health insurance, but you would think that the government would, at the very least, be able to count the new number of new Medicaid subscriptions. I mean, those are people who are literally signing up with the government for government health insurance coverage. You’d think that the government would want to know this number in order to figure out how much tax-payer money to subsidize the program.

This week, the White House did release the total Medicaid numbers since launched. White House Deputy Sr. Advisor David Simas told reporters that thanks to Obamacare, 3.9 million people “learned they were eligible for coverage through Medicaid…” Like the private plans, the White House uses this “enrollment” statistic to fraudulently suggest that these people are actually signed up for coverage now. Yet as was already mentioned, these 3.9 Million people were only notified as being eligible for Medicare. Many experts have crunched the numbers and stated that only 380,000 people have actually signed up for Medicare as a result of Obamacare. The Washington Post fact-checked the President and announced that the administration was lying about Medicaid enrollment too!

Why would they pad the numbers? Because it is the only way to keep Obamacare alive!

Tell Congress the time has come to cut its losses and REPEAL Obamacare!

On the one hand, announcing millions of enrollments makes the law appear more successful. Touting 2.2 million Obamacare enrollments, while still short the administration’s goal, is certainly a significant number. It is hard to discredit the law if the statistics (fraudulently) seem to show progress. The Obama administration is creating the illusion that this law is working, hoping that the American people will believe the lies.

But on the other hand, these statistics also make it harder to repeal the law. Every time Republicans make a push towards repealing the law, the Democrats use these numbers to make an emotional appeal to the American people. We’ve all heard it. They usually say something along the lines of, “Republicans want to take insurance away from millions of people!”

You see, if it is widely believed that 2.2 million people have “enrolled” in Obamacare, then this fraudulent and misleading statistic can be used to fight against repeal efforts. Even though it is clear that the 2.2 million number is complete nonsense, the Democrats will still use that number to try and vilify Republicans for trying to take away insurance from sick people.

So, the enrollment numbers are completely a mess. On its face, it is a complete embarrassment. But when put into context, the poor enrollment numbers are really put into perspective. It is estimated that 44.5 million people have visited, but just 2.2 million (only 4.9% of all visitors) actually created an online profile. That is an absolutely atrocious conversion rate!

Tell Congress the time has come to cut its losses and REPEAL Obamacare!

Any government program worth ANYTHING would surely be able to convert more than 5% of all visitors!

But Obamacare isn’t something people are clamoring for. Even the people kicked off of their health insurance aren’t rushing to sign up for this train-wreck of a law!

The walls are falling down on this law and it is only a matter of time before Obamacare drags the economy down with it. There simply aren’t enough young and healthy people signing up to subsidize the sick and the elderly.

Now is the time to cut our losses! Now is the time to admit that this law has failed and needs to be repealed and replaced!

Will you sit quietly and let the Obama administration continue to lie to the American people?

Are you going to let this atrocious and abysmal piece of legislation tank the entire U.S. economy?

Or are you going to stand up and force Congress to repeal Obamacare before it is too late!

Join me in forcing Congress to repeal the Affordable Care Act once and for all! Be the voice that we need!

Tell Congress the time has come to cut its losses and REPEAL Obamacare!


Joe Otto