Dear Conservative,

Look around and take it all in. The America as you know it is dead if the GOP succeeds in passing its amnesty plan for illegal aliens.

The Republican immigration bill has been kept secret, for fear that its contents would prompt huge backlash from constituents. Republican leadership wants to release the bill and put it up for a vote before you are even given an option to read it and respond.

Luckily for us, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) isn’t able to keep a secret. Ryan has told reporters the details of the GOP’s immigration bill and unfortunately, the Party seems to have caved...

The bill includes a lot of proponents missing from the Senate’s comprehensive immigration reform bill. The House alternative allegedly includes stricter border enforcement and an overhaul to the interior enforcement of immigration law. However, according to Paul Ryan, the GOP’s alternative immigration reform bill will also eventually give the 11+ million illegal immigrants the opportunity to apply for American citizenship.

This is absolutely unacceptable!

STOP the Democrats and RINOs from giving amnesty to illegal immigrant criminals!

Current law dictates that anyone who admits to, or is found guilty of, committing a crime cannot receive U.S. citizenship. Shouldn’t entering this country illegally be one of those disqualifying crimes? The signs at the border warn that breaking U.S. immigration law is a federal crime, yet when they break the law we only seem to reward them!

Now, the politically correct argue that the term “illegal immigrant” is insensitive, and I tend to agree with them.

The term “illegal immigrant” is a slap in the face to everyone who came to this country legally and did everything the write way. Illegal aliens aren’t immigrants… they are thieves stealing from the American people for their own personal gain!

So instead of using this horribly offensive term, let’s just call them thieves, because that’s what they are. Calling them “illegal immigrants” detracts from the fact that they break the law on a daily basis and are continuously stealing from the American people!

Don’t believe that illegal aliens are thieves?

Every year, these criminals take advantage of tax loopholes to steal more than $4.2 billion from American taxpayers EVERY YEAR;

Countless billions of dollars of taxpayer money is spent every year providing these criminals with healthcare and a public education;

These illegal aliens work under the table and steal much needed jobs from hard working Americans;

And don’t even get me started on the fact that every election year, these aliens illegally cast ballots to help get Democrats elected!

The time has come to stop rewarding this criminal behavior and to start enforcing the immigration laws that we already have!

Tell Congress to STOP rewarding Illegal Aliens for their criminal behavior!

In the coming days, the House of Representatives and Senate will vote on new Immigration Reform bills. It is absolutely essential that we get ahead of them and nip this bill in the bud!

When the bill is passed, it will be too late… Your voice won’t matter anymore.

Once Congress approves giving amnesty to illegal aliens, there is no turning back and the United States, as you know it, will be dead.

Congress cannot be allowed to offer 11+ million aliens a pathway to citizenship, and only We the People can stop them!

Tell Congress to STOP rewarding Illegal Aliens for their criminal behavior!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily