Dear Conservative,

With the news media focusing almost exclusively on the Paul Ryan budget deal these past few days, little attention has been given the fight over Obamacare taking place in Congressional committees.

I have tried to keep you up to date as new Obamacare failures come to light, but this has been a pretty difficult task because it seems that every day, something new is discovered about this train wreck piece of legislation.

In many ways, the debate over the Obamacare website has become a bit of a sideshow. While the administration’s inability to produce a working website certainly highlights how incompetent parts of the executive branch are, promising to fix the online portal is nothing but putting lipstick on a pig… and the American people know that!

With that said, the lack of security elements within the Obamacare website not only proves governmental incompetence, but it shows a sheer disregard for the welfare of the American people. It is absolutely unacceptable that President Obama continues to urge Americans to enroll in the online healthcare marketplace when he knows full well that anyone who signs up runs the risk of having their identity stolen.

This isn’t a joke. This isn’t some “Republican conspiracy” to discredit the President. The Obamacare website fails to meet some of the most basic security benchmarks, putting everyone who creates an account at risk!

Tell Congress to shut-down the Obamacare website until it no longer puts Americans’ identities at risk!

Now, if the Obamacare website was just a portal to window-shop for insurance, there wouldn’t really be a problem. If the marketplace functioned like a travel website, for example, where people enter in some of their details and receive a quote, there wouldn’t be any sensitive information to protect. However the Obama administration has designed this website counter-intuitively, forcing visitors to enter in all of their sensitive information before they are even able to see the pricing for available plans.

Perhaps this is just out of ignorance. Surely the administration doesn’t believe that everyone who visits the Obamacare website will sign up immediately, right? However there is evidence that suggests that this website design was strategic, allowing the administration to cite the number of accounts created in order to fraudulently pass them off as enrolled persons to inflate the statistics.

Regardless of the reason for the Obamacare website’s design, one thing is certain: anyone who creates an account through the federal marketplace is at risk of identity theft, or worse!

How dare the administration care so little about our identities being protected!

Remember, that in order to even look at the prices of health insurance policies, the online marketplace forces you to type in your social security number. Why? Because in order to verify the identities of visitors, the website is designed to perform a soft pull on visitors’ credit histories.

Now, there are plenty of websites that use similar systems to verify identities. Just think of all the free credit score websites out there. What makes the Obamacare site different is that while other websites might worry about the security of visitors’ identities, could care less.

How else would you describe a website that takes your most sensitive information and doesn’t even make an effort to protect it? The administration could care less whether your identity is stolen, as long as they are able to go out and celebrate that another person signed up through the healthcare exchanges!

 Tell Congress to shut-down the Obamacare website until it no longer puts Americans’ identities at risk!

Just this past week, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee subpoenaed key government contractors to reveal un-redacted analyses of the website’s security shortcomings. While many experts in the private sector have warned that the Obamacare website was unsecured, Congress still hasn’t received an official report from the government contractors working on the website.

I mean, that makes sense… If there is to be any attempt to fix the website’s security problems, the relevant House and Senate committees need to know what the problems are. Otherwise, how could anyone ever know if problems were indeed fixed?

Rep. Darrell Issa, Head of the House Government Oversight Committee, officially subpoenaed MITRE, one of the contractors, to hand over documents related to the website’s security testing. But Obama’s Health and Human Services Department has unlawfully intervened. The administration has refused to allow the contractors to hand over these security testing documents because it “doesn’t trust” the GOP.

Let that sink in for a bit… The administration that single-handedly brought us a failing website devoid of even the simplest security mechanisms won’t show Congress the details of security testing because of a trust issue?

Yea, there’s a trust issue. The American people don’t trust the Obama administration on anything anymore. You can thank the Commander in Chief and his lies for that one…

Remember what you were promised. Contrary to what Obama guaranteed, you can’t keep your insurance plan, you can’t keep your doctor, and you can’t keep your affordable premiums and deductibles.

Well, we’ve got news for the administration: When it comes to the security of our sensitive information, telling us to “just trust them” isn’t going to cut it!

Tell Congress to shut-down the Obamacare website until it no longer puts Americans’ identities at risk!

Obama wants to fundamentally change America… but at what cost? The President has already shown that he could care less about your health or your ability to put food on the table. He proved that when he viewed millions of Americans getting kicked off their insurance as “collateral damage.” But every day that the Obamacare website is allowed to remain unsecure, and every time the administration stops Congress from performing its oversight responsibilities, it proves that the Obama administration really could care less about any of us.

Do you really want to live in an America where the potential theft of millions of identities is just collateral damage? Just the cost of doing business?

Or are you ready to stand up and light a fire under Congress, forcing them to stop beta-testing the Obamacare website while millions of Americans’ identities are at risk?

Join me in telling Congress that enough is enough!

Fax Congress!