Dear Conservative,

By now, it is obvious that Barack Obama is the most pro-abortion President in United States history. That fact is undeniable.

As a State Senator, Barack Obama supported the practice of partial-birth abortion, where a baby is murdered after being born alive. He also voted three times against the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act, an Illinois bill that would force doctors to care for infants born during botched abortion procedures.

Obama’s support for abortion is so extreme and barbaric that it is astonishing he was elected President twice. Now, Democrats are rallying around their President and pushing to make 2014 a year to “recommit” to the principles of Roe v. Wade. Under the premise of “protecting women,” Barack Obama and the Democrats plan to expand access to abortion nation-wide! They must be stopped!

Tell Congress to protect the rights of the unborn and to STOP Obamacare from funneling your tax dollars to fund abortions!

In 2009, Barack Obama promised that the Affordable Care Act would not provide any federal subsidies to fund abortions. Since 1976, the Hyde Amendment – named after former Congressman Henry Hyde – has been passed by Congress and signed by the President every single year. While the wording often changes, the Hyde Amendment prohibits federally funded abortions, except in cases of rape, incest, and when the mother’s life is in danger.

This has been the law for almost 40 years and whenever it comes up for a vote, it receives overwhelming bipartisan support.

Recently, pro-life Congressmen have sought to make this provision permanent instead of having it voted on every year. The reasoning? Barack Obama lied when he promised that the Federal Government would not fund abortions through Obamacare.

Obama signed Executive Order 13535 in 2010 in an attempt to placate pro-life concerns that the Affordable Care Act would fund abortions. The Democrats refused to include this language in the bill. Why? Because the law is (theoretically) binding and executive orders are just words on a piece of paper.

The Lozier Institute – the research arm of the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List – has come out and announced that as a result of Obamacare’s federal premium tax credits and Medicaid expansion, American taxpayers will subsidize 71,000-111,500 abortions every year!

In the wake of these findings, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 7, the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act. This bill combines the Hyde Amendment and Obama’s Executive Order 13535 into one piece of legislation. Instead of waiting for the amendment to be voted on every year or hoping that the President honors his agreement, the House has codified these provisions into one law.

Now, however, the Democrats are coming out against the bill, claiming that it is redundant and not necessary. Why? Because they don’t want this codified in law! They want to be able to fund abortions. So, naturally, the Democrats will resist any attempt to stop taxpayer funded abortions!

Tell Congress to protect the rights of the unborn and to STOP Obamacare from funneling your tax dollars to fund abortions!

Do you want to know what state-sponsored abortion on-demand looks like?

New York City has some of the most pro-abortion programs in the country. Thanks to Democrat leadership, every medical student or doctor who trains in a NYC public hospital is forced to perform an abortion as part of their training. The Left calls this program “groundbreaking.”

The City’s current Socialist Mayor Bill de Blasio has promised to partner with Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers to use taxpayer money to subsidize storefronts to provide space for them to set up shop.

Additionally, as the Lozier Institute warned, Mayor Bill de Blasio plans to use Obamacare to expand state-funded abortion coverage to even more New York City women.

The result of the city’s pro-abortion policies is staggering.

In 2012, more African American babies were killed by abortion in NYC than were born.


The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene released a report detailing the city’s pregnancy statistics for the year 2012. Table 1 (shown above) illustrates that while 24,758 African American babies were born in New York City, a total of 31,328 Black babies were aborted.

Let that sink in... In New York City, 52.6% of all African American pregnancies end in abortion. This is absolutely unconscionable! This is what happens when the State provides abortion on-demand and it must be stopped!

Tell Congress to protect the rights of the unborn and to STOP Obamacare from funneling your tax dollars to fund abortions!

This really is common sense. The Federal government has no right to be funding abortions. The Democrats are actually encouraging women to have abortions by trying to provide the service to them free-of-charge.

The fact remains that your tax dollars are being funneled into subsidized health insurance accounts in order to fund abortion procedures. Even though the law prohibits it, and Obama promised in his Executive Order to stop it, federal abortion funding continues.

The irony is that 100% of those who support taxpayer funded abortion also had the luxury of being born alive. This is something that seldom is discussed. The fact that African-American abortion rates are so high (52.6% in NYC, ~30-40% nationwide) should be a stark reminder to President Obama of how lucky he is. By definition, his Presidency is a statistical anomaly. Barack Obama’s Presidency didn’t overcome racism. It overcame the uncomfortable fact that African-American mothers terminate two out of every five pregnancies. Across the country, an abortion is being performed once every 26 seconds. Imagine how many potential-Presidents have been lost since 1973…

These statistics make me weep for this country and how far we have fallen. However, when Democrats see these numbers, they complain that there is more to be done!

I applaud every Congressman who voted to put an end to taxpayer funded abortion, but unless we continue to pressure Congress to protect the rights of the unborn, this bill will remain stalled in the Senate.

We must stop Barack Obama and the Democrats from funneling Obamacare subsidies to provide taxpayer funded abortions! We must speak for the untold millions of American citizens who will never have the opportunity to speak for themselves!

Tell Congress to protect the rights of the unborn and to STOP Obamacare from funneling your tax dollars to fund abortions!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily