2A Today, Now and Forever
Recent shootings have brought the conversation of gun control to the forefront of national conversation. The media and politicians portray the violence as a problem with gun possession and ownership rather than with the criminals mindset being one of solving personal problems with mischief, violence and mayhem. Most of these individuals perpetuating violence are members of violent gangs, mentally disturbed, on psychoactive medications, mentally deficient, or compromised in some way.
These individuals only represent a small fraction of the population but they get the majority of the media and politicians attention. This tiny group of people are not concerned with following laws in a civil society and will remain a threat regardless of legislation and bans. They will find a way to unsettle and destroy all that is around them.
As recently observed, nations like the UK and France, that have confiscated firearms, still have violent deadly assaults using a variety of weapons including knives, hatchets, axes or even rocks. Killing indiscriminately or with precision multiple victims including young children. No amount of legislation will ever change the perverse nature of those certain individuals, which represent a tiny fraction of the whole.
The purpose of the Second Amendment is not strictly for personal protection against other individuals seeking to take life, liberty, property or to cause injury, rape, or to molest. It includes and is primarily to ensure that the government does not assume too much power against the individual/s as to take from them all that they are and have. Consider the god-like reverence the people of North Korea are forced to show towards Kim Jong Un. The purpose is also to ensure balance between the individual and the government is healthy, harmonious and in proper order with the understanding that the People are in Power and the government, its subsequent entities, agencies, and agents are there to assist and protect by creating the environment conducive to temporal peace and economic prosperity within their respective functions.
Every nation that has embraced disarmament has succumbed to totalitarian rule or some form of coerced obedience to those in power. Examples of this can be seen throughout history. Consider the Scotts during the reign of King Edward Longshanks who disarmed and deprived them of swords and other weapons of war. Consider Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Polpot and other totalitarian figures throughout history, recent and ancient. All disarmed their citizens then waged murderous campaigns against their own people and in some cases eventually commanded god-like reverence for their Leader, like in North Korea today. Then consider that during the Covid19 pandemic, tactics like those done in Nazi Germany, people were forced into medical experimentation under duress. The “free” Australian government, against the ethics of International Law laid down within the Nuremberg Code, her people were repeatedly forced into prolonged isolation in quarantine camps until forced/coerced into covid19 vaccinations. These are Crimes Against Humanity and are in similitude to horrific events in the past that led to abject misery. It is like unto these reasons the 2nd Amendment was encoded into our founding document the Constitution of the United States of which congress is bound to uphold. Without the Second Amendment agents of the government could then overexert its powers and commit great atrocities against the masses.
For these reasons We the People Demand Redress of Our Grievances and Assert Our Individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms. “Shall Not Be Infringed” This statement sets the limit to power that congress has.