URGENT: SAY NO to Biden's Internet CONTROL -  CALL on The FCC to Halt the ‘Digital Equity’ Plan NOW! 
The Biden administration has covertly taken steps to assert control over the internet under the banner of "Equity." Ted Cruz and 27 colleagues urge the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to retract its draft order on "Digital Discrimination" because the proposed rules grant the federal government excessive influence over virtually every facet of internet operations. It is imperative for all Congressional members to convey similar concerns and join Ted Cruz in demanding an immediate halt to the 'Digital Equity' Plan.
On November 6th, FCC Commissioner Brenden Carr commented on the Digital Equity plan, noting that over the past 12 years, Democrats overseeing the FCC and administrative agencies in DC have consistently failed to effectively utilize the BILLIONS of allocated taxpayer funds to bridge the "digital divide." Instead of addressing FCC shortcomings, the Biden Administration shifts blame to the private sector and free-market capitalism. Their proposed solution implies that the FCC, lacking complete command and control in internet regulation, needs expanded authority.
The outlined rules would empower the federal government to micromanage various aspects of internet functionality, including ISP capital allocation, infrastructure development, consumer services, profits, marketing, and promotions—a level of control likened to socialism.
It is crucial to emphasize that Congress never contemplated these sweeping regulatory changes proposed by President Biden for the FCC, nor did it authorize the implementation of such regulations. Congress members, representing the people, were not afforded the opportunity to consider, endorse, or veto these regulations, therefore meaning the people were unable to have their voices heard. Congress needs to demand that the FCC retract its draft order on "Digital Discrimination" NOW!
This brings us to Ted Cruz and 27 other Republicans, urging the FCC to rescind its draft order on Digital Discrimination/The Digital Equity Plan. Emphasizing government overreach, they argue that the plan would grant the federal government control over nearly every aspect of the internet, exposing broadband providers to expansive, indeterminate, and crippling liability under a "disparate impact" standard.
In their letter to the FCC, the lawmakers echo Brenden Carr's concerns about government overreach in internet regulation. They conclude by urging the FCC to reconsider the Draft Order, emphasizing adherence to statutory text, the encouragement of private investment, and the promotion of ubiquitous broadband without undermining these goals.
The Biden Administration's repeated attempts at expanding governmental authority must cease, these regulations are nothing short of power-grabs, and they must STOP. Granting the FCC unchecked control over ISPs and internet functionality requires serious consideration from Congress, the representatives of the people—a consideration that these regulations have not received.
Congress must unite with Ted Cruz and colleagues, demanding the FCC rescind its draft order on Digital Discrimination. It is imperative that we the people demand that all of our Congressional members send similar letters or join Ted Cruz in calling for an immediate halt to the 'Digital Equity' Plan! Defend our voices, STOP Government power-grabs, Call for the FCC to rescind its draft order on Digital Discrimination and the Digital Equity Plan, and UPHOLD Your OATH!