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It’s the last day of November. There is just one month left in 2022. This year will be remembered as the year the 117th Congress destroyed the US Constitution and abolished public trust. Let’s look back on the key moments of this historic year. 

In January, you tried and failed to federalize US elections, but gave us the Build Back Better Act and the American Rescue Plan. These have proved disastrous for the economy and devastating to regular Americans. 

In February, you funded yourself at 2021 levels – despite the fact that the economy was tanking hard – with, “An Act Making further continuing appropriations for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2022, and for other purposes.” Interesting choice of words. You also passed the first step of your master price fixing plan with the PRICE Act in the second month of the year.

In March, you passed the Extension of Continuing Appropriations Act, 2022 to combat an expiring continuing resolution. Your limits and deadlines never mean anything. You just move the date and add more zeros to the American People’s bill.

April was a big month for you all. You “reformed the Post Office”; that is, in the name of addressing the finances and operations of the US Postal Service, you introduced new regulatory agencies and new perks for postal employees. April was also the month you began trying to look tough for Putin, passing the Ending Importation of Russian Oil Act and the Suspending Normal Trade Relations with Russia and Belarus Act. The only ones who lost in that exchange were the American People. $7 gas anyone? We’ll save the whole “Shadow Wolves” topic for another day.

In May, you upped the game, further erodeding America privacy and civil liberties – in the name of “safety,” of course – in passing the Better Cybercrime Metrics Act. You also began the Lend/Lease program with Ukraine that is sinking the country into debt they can never repay and placing the burden of that debt on the American people. After that one you passed additional appropriations for Ukraine just a 12 days later. As more is revealed about FTX, the magnitude of the Ukraine Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act of 2022 and all these additional appropriations are really coming into focus. You passed a ceremonial infant formula act, which is hilarious since it was your actions in shutting down formula plants that led to the infant formula crisis in the first place. Also, your safe sleep act opens up a whole new set of challenges for new parents. Well done, guys. 

In June, you passed the Homeland Security for Children Act which, given what has been exposed about DHS’ role in the human trafficking scheme at the border, is a terrifying proposition. This one also gets FEMA all spun up with authority over vulnerable children. You also passed continuing support for victims of radiation and uranium exposure with the RECA Extension Act of 2022. Sadly, this government continues to commit atrocities against vulnerable people, notably with regards to uranium and the Native communities. It’s cool though, as you continue to poison Native children with uranium in their water, you established the Commission To Study the Potential Creation of a National Museum of Asian Pacific American History and Culture Act. #CongressionalPriorities. 

In July we got another baby formula act as well as the Desert Sage Youth Wellness Center Access Improvement Act. The latter authorizes a land purchase, but begs the question as to why the Native Americans have to have authorizations from the federal government to buy land and build a wellness center. #Freedom

August gave us the Inflation Reduction Act which, naturally, has increased inflation to record levels. There were also some commemorative coin acts and other nonsense because, priorities. 

In September, we got “Making continuing appropriations for fiscal year 2023, and for other purposes.” Again, the money flows, there is zero accountability, and the American People get stuck with the bill. 

October gave us a flurry of legislation, from pretty much every committee, and another baby formula act. You guys are so intent on writing legislation about baby formula when, really, you just need to get out of the way. You caused this problem. You cannot fix it because you are literally incompetent. But at least you opened a bunch of Post Offices. October was also the month where your election promises – legislation intended to buy votes and manipulate elections – really came into play. But the most incredible bill of October was the “End Human Trafficking in Government Contracts Act of 2022,” which caused most Americans to say, “Wait a second, how is THAT a thing?”

These are just a sampling of the bills that became law in the past 11 months. We can’t wait to see how you abuse the American people during the Lame Duck Session as we ride out historic 2022 together. We will be watching intently and taking copious notes. 

DEMAND FOR REMEDY: End taxation without representation. Repeal all laws that are repugnant to the Constitution because they are null and void. Remember your oath.