Was Morsi Involved in Our Ambassador’s Death?

Dear Conservative,

It’s been OVER 10 MONTHS since four brave American diplomats were killed and ten other Americans were injured in Benghazi, Libya, by a mob of heavily armed jihadists.

The families of Ambassador Stevens and others still want real answers! So do Americans! Brand new revelations indicate that possibly former Egyptian President Morsi was an accomplice in these ghastly murders.  Yes, you read that correctly!

No wonder such a long cover-up!  No matter what side of the aisle you are on, it is obvious that the killings in Benghazi were covered-up, and could stretch all the way, to the Oval Office.

A retired, highly-decorated, Air Force General (LTG Tom McInerney – ret.) has said that the “stand-down” of why the secondary security force was held up---could only come from one source:  THE PRESIDENT HIMSELF! Yet, we still don’t know where President Obama really was that night and why he decided to go to sleep instead of to the situation room?

Now, circumstantial evidence suggests Egyptian President Morsi may have been behind the Benghazi attack. The revelations DEMAND that a Special Prosecutor dig to the very bottom of the Benghazi debacle and the death of these Patriots.

Al Rai, a Kuwaiti newspaper, and other Arabic papers are reporting that Libyan intelligence is implicated Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and other Egyptian leaders, in funding the attack on the United States mission in Benghazi over ten months ago.

FAX and Demand the TRUTH

Who can forget, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton- sloughing off these tragic deaths-shrugging her shoulders and shrugging off her responsibility asking, “What difference, at this point, does it make?” This makes a difference; this is the difference between what is right and what is wrong.

What about the four American families that have been waiting over TEN long months for truthful answers on why their patriotic family member was murdered?  That’s why we need a special prosecutor to fully investigate the Benghazi terrorist attacks!

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The terrorist attacks (NOT a YouTube video!!) that claimed the lives of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other patriots will forever remain etched in our minds!  However, TEN LONG MONTHS LATER, too many questions surrounding that deadly night remain unanswered:

·      Why was diplomatic security in Benghazi so weak?

·      Why did the Pentagon fail to scramble military reinforcements during the seven-hour raid?

·      Why did the Administration initially claim the attack was a “spontaneous demonstration” triggered by a YouTube video?

·      Why so an overt cover-up that is more and more, coming to light?

·      Now Egyptian President Morsi!

The American people demand and deserve answers!



Tony Adkins