Traitors To The People: Senate Passes $95 Billion in Foreign Aid, Yet NO Border Bill in Sight?!
On Tuesday morning, the Senate proceeded to pass the $95 billion Foreign Aid bill, allocating funds to Ukraine, Israel, Gaza, and Taiwan. The bill garnered a 70-29 vote, with 22 Republicans aligning with Democrats to support the aid, contrary to the opposition voiced by former President Donald Trump, the American populace, and their fellow GOP members. This bill is now bound for the House for voting, where it MUST NOT be passed. Why are we sending billions of dollars abroad while neglecting the crises facing OUR nation, such as the open border? The House must HALT this bill and INSIST on prioritizing our nation.
Last week, Democrats and Republicans clashed over the National Security Bill, which failed to pass due to many GOP members recognizing it as a political maneuver aimed at using our border crisis as leverage to pass approximately $80 billion in foreign aid. Following the failure of this bill, Democrats sneaked in an emergency foreign aid package of $95 billion, which was voted on and passed by the Senate and will now proceed to the House for voting in the upcoming week.
When the initial National Security Bill was introduced, linking foreign aid and border security, many GOP members voted NO because, firstly, our border security should not hinge on the passage of foreign aid, and secondly, the security plan outlined in the bill would have further compromised our national security and border while squandering the proposed $20 billion.
This new foreign aid package, passed by the Senate, will allocate $95 billion for Ukraine, Israel, Gaza, and Taiwan. However, despite the surge in illegal crossings at the southern border, the drastic rise in violent crime and drug trafficking, the overwhelming of government facilities meant for U.S. citizens by illegal aliens, and the strain on hospitals, shelters, hotels, schools, senior homes, and other facilities, Congress has not introduced or brought to the floor another border bill to address this crisis.
Instead, because using the border as a bargaining chip failed initially, Democrats and RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) have once again relegated our border crisis to the background, only to exploit it when convenient.
This is unacceptable. Our border and the crisis afflicting our nation must take precedence above all else. The American people demand that our tax dollars represent us; we do not want them squandered overseas. The House must REFUSE to pass this ostentatious $95 billion foreign aid package; instead, they must INSIST on closing the border before granting any aid abroad. The GOP needs to exhibit courage and stand firm, ceasing the flow of foreign aid and truly representing the American people! Congress, Do not pass the Foreign Aid Package; focus on HOME!
Failure to act decisively and in accordance with the will of your constituents will not be tolerated. We are watching, and we will hold you accountable for your actions.