Government Shutdown?! Congress, Stop the National Security Supplement! Prioritize America!
This month, Congress has been hastily passing legislation and aid packages primarily benefiting themselves. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer proposed a foreign aid package and border security bill earlier this month, aiming to allocate roughly $80 billion overseas, further jeopardizing our national security. Fortunately, this proposal failed to pass. Unfortunately, shortly after, a $95 billion aid package passed unanimously in the Senate. Consequently, both the Senate and the House are now in a state of limbo, with concerns over potential government shutdowns, the absence of a border bill, and apprehension regarding the $95 billion foreign aid package awaiting the House's vote. The looming shutdown stems from the conflict surrounding the "National Security Supplement Bill," which, contrary to its name, primarily allocates $80 billion in foreign aid, with only a fraction dedicated to border security, while potentially compromising national security policies. Congress must NOT pass the "National Security Supplement" even if it means government shutdown!
This month, Congress has continued its trend of prioritizing interests other than those of the American people. Senate Democrats are now pointing fingers at Republicans, attributing the potential government shutdown to the disagreement over Chuck Schumer's National Security Supplement. Despite claims that the bill aims to address the border crisis, it would, in fact, exacerbate the situation while channeling billions of dollars overseas.
Schumer recently circulated a "dear colleague letter," insisting on the passage of his national security supplement to prevent an alleged extreme Republican government shutdown and fulfill the shared responsibility of safeguarding national security, both domestically and abroad. His rhetoric places blame on Republicans while his party holds border security hostage in exchange for foreign aid funding. The evident corruption, deceit, and insincere concern for the American populace are glaring.
In his letter, Schumer employs buzzwords and phrases like "extreme House Republicans" and warns of the victory of adversaries like Putin if his bill fails to pass. However, Schumer's bill is not aimed at benefiting the nation; otherwise, more significant funding would be allocated to border security, and the proposed policies would prioritize border closure over facilitating unauthorized entry. In reality, Schumer and Democrats seem fixated on funneling billions of dollars to foreign nations, raising questions about their motivations. This is why their bill must NOT pass!
Fortunately, Speaker Johnson responded to Schumer's proposal, denouncing it as counterproductive. Johnson emphasized the House's commitment to reaching a compromise with the Senate on government funding bills while prioritizing the interests of the American people. He criticized Democrats' overspending and policies harming the economy and vowed to address border security urgently.
Congress must prioritize the welfare of the American people, particularly addressing the pressing concerns surrounding border security and national sovereignty. There should be no debate. Schumer's politically motivated "National Security Supplement" must not pass. Congress must remain resolute in securing the best outcomes for the nation, including border closure, deportation of illegal immigrants, and cessation of all foreign aid. It's imperative for Congress to focus on fulfilling its duty to the nation and its citizens; failure to do so will result in accountability and potential removal from office.